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Chats - Tuesday 26 December, 2017

Here's how slime-making took over YouTube and Instagram

The bizarre trend has taken over.

Chats - Monday 25 December, 2017

Here are the books some of our favourite faces read and loved in 2017

Plus some picks of our own.

What time do you have your Christmas dinner at? Christmas This post contains a poll

What time do you have your Christmas dinner at?

1pm or 7pm? Or anywhere in between?

Chats - Sunday 24 December, 2017

8 things that get boring very quickly on Christmas Day Zzz

8 things that get boring very quickly on Christmas Day

Roll on Stephen’s Day.

Chats - Saturday 23 December, 2017

An investigation into what qualifies as 'Christmas clothes'

Y’know. To wear for the dinner.

7 lovely Irish Christmas videos worth checking out on the RTÉ Archives

There’s a video of an Irish child in 1967 asking Santa for bullets and a knife.

Chats - Friday 22 December, 2017

Why Piers Morgan's obsession with Emily Ratajkowski is just plain old sexist

“It’s creepy and paternalistic to tell a woman what she can and can’t wear, and it’s cynical to use photos of her to try undermine her feminism.”

Lorde is considering cancelling a gig in Israel after receiving an open letter from two fans

Lorde said she is “learning all the time”.

Here are the 20 best albums of 2017 according to 30 'album of the year' lists

Did your favourite artist make it?

People are concerned that Cara Delevingne's new Jimmy Choo ad is glamorising cat-calling

Many think it’s a little bit tone deaf.

Twinings have publicly aired their disapproval about featuring in *that* teabag photo posted by Dealz

*Twinings casually pull all of their products from the shelves of Dealz*

Chats - Thursday 21 December, 2017

Here's why porgs were a necessary addition to Skellig Michael in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Porgs weren’t just inspired by the local puffins, but rather the only way of working around them.

Chats - Wednesday 20 December, 2017

An E! presenter has quit after discovering her male co-host made close to double her salary

“How can I accept an offer that shows they do not value my contributions all those years?”

Chats - Tuesday 19 December, 2017

Here are some things that you can do if you're feeling charitable in the run up to Christmas

There are plenty of good causes to choose from.

This website tells you if your favourite movie is connected to a sex scandal

Separating the good from the bad.

Dear Fifi: Will it be okay?

Dear Fifi is’s resident advice columnist.

Meryl Streep has responded to Rose McGowan's scathing criticism of her 'hypocrisy' about Harvey Weinstein

“Rose assumed and broadcast something untrue about me.”

Chats - Monday 18 December, 2017

10 terribly grim headlines from the Christmas issues of women's mags

Christmas never goes off peacefully in the land of Take A Break.

8 songs that prove that pop stars were way more dramatic in the early 2000s

In fairness, these are all perfect songs for predrinks.

Chats - Sunday 17 December, 2017

8 things that Leo Varadkar needs to work into Brexit negotiations for us

On the first day of Brexit, Leo Varadkar gave to me…

Here's what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Love Actually

Leo Varadkar’s a fan, but are his colleagues? We found out.

Chats - Saturday 16 December, 2017

Fitness bloggers and influencers are being asked to use their platform responsibly in the run-up to Christmas

How posts on preventing Christmas weight gain could be doing more harm than good.

The man who was accused of sexual assault by Taylor Swift says that 'she is not a hero'

We thought we had heard the last of David Mueller.

Alyssa Milano has shut down Matt Damon's comments about "the culture of outrage" surrounding sexual harassment

“There are different stages of cancer. Some more treatable than others. But it’s still cancer.”

Chats - Friday 15 December, 2017

Can You Name These Old Music Videos From Just One Photo?

For anyone who spent their childhood summers watching music channels.

Chats - Thursday 14 December, 2017

14 Irish pop songs everyone under the age of 21 should listen to

These aren’t the kind of songs that make it to Reeling in the Years.

Here's why people on Twitter are passionately arguing about how to slice toast properly Toast This post contains a poll

Here's why people on Twitter are passionately arguing about how to slice toast properly

We’re trying to get to the bottom of this.

Which Fade Street Character Are You?

We know you’re dying to find out.

Chats - Wednesday 13 December, 2017

Salma Hayek powerfully detailed how Harvey Weinstein was her 'monster' in a New York Times piece

Weinstein told the actress “I will kill you. Don’t think I can’t.”