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12 romantic gestures that prove love is real

Who says romance is dead?
Sep 8th 2015, 6:30 PM 10,615 9

1. When this guy shaved his head in solidarity with his girlfriend who had cancer

fNIYn5U Source: Imgur

2. When a random couple footed another couple’s $250 Valentine’s Day dinner bill

ky2BSOb Source: Imgur


3. When this guy demonstrated his love for his girlfriend with this potent symbol

jeok54r-377x500 Source: Imgur

4. When this man was spotted eating alone in a diner with just a photo of his late wife of 55 years for company.

B0k9Jx8CEAECpK0 Source: Maaadina/Twitter


5. When this guy proposed to his girlfriend via The Daily Mail

enhanced-31649-1392385892-1 Source: Daily Mail

Combines true love and guilty pleasures.


6. When this girl made her boyfriend a ‘pizza cake’ for his birthday

4L0ovAm Source: Imgur

That’s a cake on the left, FYI.

7. When this guy proposed to his girlfriend… with a burger

dKp899A Source: Imgur

“Yes! Now give me the burger.”

8. When this gardener raked the leaves to send this message to his wife…

xcRngKd Source: Imgur

9. When this guy wrote 365 notes for his girlfriend and placed them in a jar so she’d have something lovely to read every day

d48PwSG Source: Imgur

v8Qi5qh Source: Imgur

10. This romantic dinner for two, though.

NE1Su Source: Imgur

11. When this guy proposed to his other half in a photobooth

aGp07AN Source: Imgur

12. And when this old man waited for his wife at the airport with a bouquet in tow

oldman Source: Chris Perry/Facebook

oldman2 Source: Chris Perry/Facebook

And melted all our hearts.


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