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Skin-deep - Sunday 22 October, 2017

What's in my makeup bag? Aisling Hickey

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

Skin-deep - Saturday 21 October, 2017

8 cute Korean beauty products you can get in TK Maxx right now

A feed for your face.

Skin-deep - Thursday 19 October, 2017

Lady Gaga wore a Joanne Hynes headband and gave her a shoutout on Instagram

The Irish fashion designer is delighted, naturally.

Skin-deep - Wednesday 18 October, 2017

8 foundations for people who absolutely detest foundation

Get the glow without that cement-like feeling.

Skin-deep - Sunday 15 October, 2017

Facebook's made it easier than ever to buy makeup, but you probably shouldn't

Counterfeited cosmetics are now a click away – but at what cost?

What's in my makeup bag? Victoria Secret

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

Skin-deep - Friday 13 October, 2017

Calling all fake tan huns - Cocoa Brown is bringing out a '12 Days of Tan' advent calendar

Why not like? There’s an advent calendar for everything else.

Skin-deep - Thursday 12 October, 2017

Skin Deep: Here's how to truly, properly cover up a massive spot

RESIST the urge to mess with them.

Alex and Ani is bringing out a line of Harry Potter jewellery, and it's absolutely adorable

No Time Turner though. Can someone hurry up and invent that?

Skin-deep - Tuesday 10 October, 2017

7 beauty products to fight the awful winter nip in the air

Winter isn’t coming – it’s here.

Skin-deep - Monday 9 October, 2017

Skin-deep - Sunday 8 October, 2017

17 thoughts everyone has while shopping in Lush

Bath bomb, bath bomb, you’re my bath bomb…

What's in my makeup bag? Holly Shortall

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

An Irish model has given a glimpse at what it's like to model for ASOS, and it's intense

This makes our selfie shoots look extremely amateurish.

Skin-deep - Saturday 7 October, 2017

This artist says she received death threats for having hairy legs in an Adidas ad

Are we really still having this conversation?

Skin-deep - Thursday 5 October, 2017

Skin-deep - Tuesday 3 October, 2017

9 accessories from the ASOS Halloween range that are actually really cute

For those who like a hint of spooky in their everyday wear.

Skin-deep - Monday 2 October, 2017

10 e.l.f. Cosmetics products to buy now that it's finally being sold in Penneys

They don’t cost an arm and a leg, either.

8 ubiquitous Instagram beauty trends that need to die already

Quoth the Instagram MUA, “Nevermore.”

Skin-deep - Sunday 1 October, 2017

What's in my makeup bag? Tara Stewart

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

Skin-deep - Saturday 30 September, 2017

The hip US beauty brand Glossier is finally shipping over here - we've picked 5 cult products to try

Beauty fans will know it’s been a long time coming.

Skin-deep - Thursday 28 September, 2017

Skin Deep: Here's how to ensure no animals are harmed in the making of your face

These great beauty brands refuse to test on animals.

Skin-deep - Monday 25 September, 2017

11 stresses you'll understand if you have acrylic nails

Hard as nails, me hoop.

Here's why it's not ok to fat-shame Kanye

Body image issues affect men too, y’know.

Skin-deep - Sunday 24 September, 2017

Here's why the shady response from cosmetic brands to Fenty Beauty isn't surprising

Beauty brands have begun pandering to the minority in an attempt to appear more diverse.

What's in my makeup bag? James Mac Inerney

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

Skin-deep - Friday 22 September, 2017

According to Rihanna, this 2-year-old Youtuber has the 'best review' of Fenty Beauty

It’s 2017. Of course we have 2-year-old Youtubers.

Skin-deep - Thursday 21 September, 2017

Skin-deep - Tuesday 19 September, 2017

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter went off at the media for constantly going on about her clothes

Her seemingly revealing wardrobe is regularly talked about.

Skin-deep - Monday 18 September, 2017

This Youtuber perfectly summed up how unfair makeup tutorials are to 90s teens

“You’re skipping, like, 10ish years of looking bad. And that’s rude.”

Skin-deep - Sunday 17 September, 2017

12 items every Irish woman has in her 'winter wardrobe'

All fluffy everything.

9 of the most annoying things about taking off your makeup

We know it’s important but… UGH.

What's in my makeup bag? Sue Jordan, Cherry Sue Doin' The Do

Having a rummage through some of our favourite faces’ wares.

Skin-deep - Friday 15 September, 2017

Skin-deep - Thursday 14 September, 2017

5 of the best budget moisturisers for people with oily skin

Yes, you absolutely should moisturise your shiny face!

Skin-deep - Monday 11 September, 2017

This New York Fashion Week designer sent models down the catwalk in bejewelled vaginas

Can’t wait for Penneys to get on this trend. (Some NSFW pics inside.)