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Pubs and restaurants face Christmas uncertainty due to restrictions
Once the six-week lockdown is over, it is envisaged that the country will remain at Level 3 until the New Year.
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There's a massive charity 12 pubs taking place in Ballinasloe this Friday
Nearly 500 people have signed up.
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These lads from Tallaght did 12 pubs dressed as Band Aid last night
Feeed the world.
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Here's a list of Dublin bars that are turning away 12 pubs groups this Christmas
No room at the inn.
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'It's just madness': Publicans brace themselves for 12 pubs
Alcohol Action Ieland has warned of the serious dangers of the tradition
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ASOS is selling a two-person Christmas jumper and it's... really something
Ban this sick filth.
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The Shortest 12 Pubs Route In Dublin
You don’t wanna walk? You don’t have to walk (that much).
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The Ultimate Twelve Pubs Of Central Dublin
Need a route? Here it is.
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The Ultimate Northside Dublin 12 Pubs Crawl
Featuring some of the best pubs in the city.
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13 pubs in Dublin that are turning away Twelve Pubs groups
No need to fear. All is calm, all is bright in here.
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Who's been drinking? Spot these 12 celebrities at the bar
Isn’t that yer one over there?
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Tallaght lads devise greatest 12 pubs costumes of all time
Hats off.
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This one-minute video perfectly captures the shambles of a 12 Pubs crawl
On the twelfth pub of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
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Doing the '12 Pubs'? ... Here's what happens to your body after each one of those drinks
No-one does a ‘Four Pubs of Christmas’. But it might seem like a hell of a better idea, after reading this.
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The 12 emotional stages of the 12 Pubs of Christmas
It’s tough out there.
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9 festive sights you'll definitely see down the local tonight
Christmas is in full swing down the pub. You’ll see.
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Calling time: Smaller bars issue zero-tolerance warning on '12 Pubs of Christmas'
While the phenomenon is obviously great for business, some bar owners say they won’t be allowing groups of ’12 pubs’ drinkers darken their doors.
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6 signs the tide might be turning against the 12 pubs
Have we reached peak pub?
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Now THIS is how you do the 12 pubs in style
Christmas jumpers? WHAT Christmas jumpers?
Column: We need to talk about 'The 12 Pubs'
The ‘12 pubs of Christmas’ silly season has effectively turned the whole Christmas season into one giant stag party, writes Mick McCarthy.
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12 people who were defeated by the 12 pubs of Christmas
If it was easy, everyone would do it.
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This Irish woman made the greatest 12 Pubs costume of all time
Christmas jumper? Pah.
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11 of the most non-traditional Irish Christmas traditions
Just think, would your granny have done it?