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13 club nights that could only be Irish

You would definitely get the shift.
Apr 2nd 2013, 6:00 PM 35,757 25

IT’S THE  beginning of the week. Better start planning the weekend so.

Here are 13 club nights which are so Irish, it hurts. All images from this Facebook page with a rude name.

1. The one with the All Ireland Shifting Challenge

And a ‘paparazzi photographer’. You’ll be like a celebrity!

2. The one with a ‘Real Midget’

And ‘girls in underwear’.

3. The one called ‘LOL Ladies Night’

Incredible Photoshop cut-out skills on show here.

4. The one whose well-honed PR strategy is ‘Shussh tell everyone’

And awesome graphic design.

5. The biggest vodka party in Athlone

See how much fun they’re all having.

6. The one with rodeo reindeer

Look at your man in the hat. Look at him.

7. The one where you wear a ‘jersery’

Wait, aren’t those the girls from the Hunky Dorys ads?

8. The one with Mystic Peg

And discounts for “8 or more girlies”.

9. The one with free ham sandwiches

And bats, and sheep, and orange segments. Free in before 12 if you’re wearing a black bag. (What?)

10. The one with the Insanity DJ Crew

Special Effects Maestro’s. DJ D-Buck is our favourite.

11. The one that’s CSI Gweedore

No gimmicks. Imagine 100 residents of Gweedore in forensics suits.

12. The one with this guy’s nipple

Just look at it there.

13. The one with free pizza, Tayto and condoms

There they all are, reaching out to touch her boobs. Nice.

For even more like this, go look at S***e Irish Club Nights on Facebook.

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