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13 things that shouldn't be scary... but really, really are

Boo. Scared?
May 5th 2013, 6:00 PM 21,582 77

THERE ARE SOME things in life that are just eerie no matter what. Even the most rational and reasonable person in the world can’t fail to be freaked out by these things. Logic doesn’t come into it – they just give you the shivers.

1. Clowns

Pic: wlodi/Flickr

Stop laughing, clown.

2. China dolls

Pic: Sherry Rose/ Flickr

And you can stop staring too, china doll. We mean it.

3. Anywhere after hours

dark empty room via Shutterstock

These paces are totally fine during the day, but when you’re alone they become the scariest place ever. This goes for empty schools, offices, corridors, carparks … Who knows what’s lurking?

4. Twins dressed the same

creepy twins via Shutterstock

Parents, please stop this. You’re going to make us cry.

5. The wind at night

Pic: Lucas Lucas/ Flickr

The wind isn’t scary during the day! Stop being scary at night!

6. Under the bed

Pic: Ian Murphy/ Flickr

Who lives there? …What lives there?

7. The cupboard under the stairs

Pic: via

And wait, what lives there?

8. Fisherman outfits

Pic: I Know Wikia

Thanks a lot, Sarah Michelle Gellar. I Know What You Did Last Summer has made all fishermen terrifying for us.

9. Empty swings

Pic: empty swingset via Shutterstock


10. Cracked mirrors

Pic: via Life of a Maybe

Imagine glimpsing someone unexpectedly in a cracked mirror. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

11.  Unknown phone numbers

Pic: via David Wygant

Gives us the total heebie jeebies.

12. Bare trees

Pic: multitrack/ Flickr

So creepy.

13. The dentist

Pic: the dentist via Shutterstock

Actually, this one is perfectly reasonable.

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