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15 Google interview questions to make you feel stupid

If you get an interview for the job of your dreams, expect to be mystified. Have a look at some examples.
Nov 9th 2010, 6:22 PM 5,604 5

A Business Insider reader yesterday asked a question about Google interviews, seeking advice on how to prepare for an interview with the firm.

The good news is that Google is desperate for entrepreneurial talent. That’s why the company keeps buying small startups.

The bad news:

  • In the US, Google prefers graduates from the four Ivy League colleeges.
  • It cares about your college grades, even if you’re in your 30s.
  • It wants people who want to change the world.

Lucky for the reader, Seattle job coach Lewis Lin put together a list of 140 questions his clients have been asked by Google.

Here’s Business Insider’s selection of the most challenging:

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