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30 times that slogans ruined perfectly good t-shirts

Please listen to us retailers. We can’t take any more of these mermaid quotes.
Apr 13th 2017, 8:00 AM 9,292 7

1. This ASOS t shirt with the title of a harrowing Robert Frost poem on it


Anyone remember this one from the leaving cert? The one about the young boy who gets excited when his sister calls him in from the farm for his supper. In his excitement he accidentally maims himself with the buzz saw he was using and consequently dies. I realise this t shirt is probably a reference to people asking “are we going out or out out?” but all I can think about is that poem.

2. For those curious about the weather in L.A.

sunny in LA Source: Forever 21

Thanks letting us know, Jean Byrne.

3. Is this a Donald Trump quote?

million dollars Source: Forever 21

Just a small loan.

4. I understand this is a maternity t shirt, but without context it is completely hilarious

tiny angel Source: Boohoo

5. Mermaids do what better?

mermaids do it better Source: Forever 21

They certainly don’t walk better. Is this some kind of innuendo? Anatomically, I would say this kind of suggestion is implausible. If we’re talking swimming, then yeah fair enough.

6. Forever 21 contradicting their previous statement

tigers Source: Forever 21

7. This is too much

bulldogs Source: Forever 21

Who actually does it better? And what are they even doing better?

8. There’s probably better ways to start conversations than getting this t shirt

feminist Source: Boohoo

There are plenty of places to get t shirts expressing similar sentiments where all proceeds will go to charities and organisations that need it.

9. These two would have went down a treat 10 years ago when Nu Rave was a thing

ring my bell Source: ASOS

get a room Source: ASOS

It’s just a little bit too silly for 2017.

10. Get this and wear it on a first date to terrify that person from Tinder

mrs Source: ASOS

 11. For when you want to express both your love of Irish crime dramas and your appreciation of tins of shortcake biscuits

love hate Source: New Look

 12. When you feel crusty and doughy and have sauce on you

i feel like pizza Source: Forever 21

 13. A t shirt for people who really like sharing pointless information

i only date drummers Source: Forever 21

Thank you for telling us this.

14. A t shirt for someone who clearly never watched H2o and has no idea how dangerous it is to out a mermaid

mermaid Source: Forever 21

Do you even care about your best friend? You were supposed to keep this a secret.

 15. Use this one to wrap up your food in the fridge so your housemates don’t touch it

off limits Source: Forever 21

 16. Until today I never knew  that drummers were in such high demand

drummer Source: Boohoo

17. I think a memo was sent out to these companies to just write any random thing they can come up with relating to pizza on t shirts

let me get Source: Forever 21

In fairness this model does look like when your friends are ordering food and ask do you want anything and you only ate so you decline, but then when the food arrives you immediately regret it.

18. For when you are sick of people asking if there are any clones of you left in stock

sold out Source: Forever 21

19. I’m not even going to try and understand this one

what you feel Source: Forever 21

What you feel is wat you get.

20. Being like most girls isn’t a bad thing. Most girls would have the sense not to spend money on a t shirt with such a weird slogan

not most girls Source: ASOS

It’s not quirky to distance yourself from what people to perceive most girls to be like.

21. This is a lot of effort to go to just to be rude

have a nice day Source: Forever 21

21. The public have never asked for these stupid t shirts

black Source: Forever 21

This isn’t even black. It’s closer to slate.

22. Why did they choose a model with legs instead of a tail for this photo shoot

mermaid on duty Source: Forever 21

Do these people even know what a mermaid is?

23. This is completely subjective

its always better Source: Forever 21

Have you seen the traffic there? Why do you think Lauren Conrad moved to NYC?

24. In 2017, the people designing clothes should know that emojis shouldn’t be on any t shirts except those belonging to children

emojis Source: Forever 21

25. Could you possibly come up with a more uninteresting lie?

lies Source: Forever 21

26. Did this slogan really add anything to this t shirt?

going up Source: Forever 21

27. This isn’t even a pajama top

need more sleep Source: ASOS

 28. When you want to make a t shirt but don’t want to hear from Adele’s legal team

someone like you Source: Forever 21

29. If you didn’t want to make a comment, you could have just left this t shirt blank

no comment Source: Forever 21

30. My exact sentiment every single time I pick up a t shirt in a shop and find it has been destroyed by the addition of a pointless slogan

thx for nothing Source: Forever 21


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