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    # sweet sorrow
    Bye from, and thanks for all the memories
    From liveblogging the Rose of Tralee to pinning TDs to the wall on their love of Beyoncé, it’s been emotional.
    # daisy jones and the six
    Taylor Jenkins Reid on writing the book that captured Reese Witherspoon's heart
    ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ is making waves.
    # bag o cans
    What Beer Belongs In Your Bag of Cans?
    Sun’s out, hun’s out.
    # de playlist
    Here's our Spotify playlist of 30 songs that'll make you want to dig out your McKenzie tracksuit
    The soundtrack to getting bad notes in your journal in secondary school.
    # Motherhood and Masters
    Juggling motherhood and a Masters: How one 26-year-old navigates the challenges
    One mother’s story.
    # tv picks
    What to watch on TV tonight: Friday
    This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
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    # dear fifi
    Dear Fifi: I keep trying - but how do I help my girlfriend with her career?
    Same time, same place, same Foof.
    # Cinema
    Trailer Watch: Which movie should you go see this weekend?
    What’s a must-watch, and what’s a miss? We tell you.
    # in my bag
    What's in our mam's makeup bags?
    The products that made them.
    # Big Nev
    Neville Southall handed over his Twitter to Irish sex workers last night and here's what they had to say
    Yes, Neville Southall the former goalie.
    # best buys
    5 pairs of jeans we have repurchased time and time again
    Our tried and tested.
    Things your mam told you when you were younger that you wish you'd listened to now
    She was right all along.
    # Skin Deep
    Goodbye Skin Deep: A love letter to beauty
    It’s the final curtain!
    # world of celebs
    Kerry Katona said Victoria Beckham reached out to her after her split with Brian McFadden... it's the Dredge
    All the day’s celebrity filth.
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    # Derry Girls FTW
    Derry Girls has been nominated for a BAFTA, and Twitter is as proud as the cast
    Do it, girls.
    # tv picks
    What to watch on TV tonight: Thursday
    This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
    # Books
    11 books to stick on your reading list for April
    It’s not too early to start building that pile of books beside your bed for summer.
    # tv picks
    What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday
    This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
    # gold card
    Lewis Capaldi revealed himself to be a card-carrying member of the Coppers gold club
    It’s definitely tonight’s afterparty.
    # The Pill
    There’s been a major breakthrough in the male contraceptive pill and thank Christ for that
    The future is here.
    # Mother's Day grief
    'She's still my mother': How to navigate loss in the lead-up to Mother's Day
    “I had a mother. I have a mother.”
    # dear fifi
    Dear Fifi: I found my boyfriend on dating apps but he said he was just bored... What do I do?
    It’s that time of the week again. Ring a ding ding.
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    # Talking cobblers
    Poll: Do you owe a debt of gratitude to the cobblers in your life?
    Let’s talk cobblers.
    # Netflix
    Binge-watched everything on Netflix? Here are 7 things to look forward to in April
    Plenty to choose from.
    # tv picks
    What to Watch on TV Tonight: Tuesday
    This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
    # this time
    Alan Partridge dealt with #MeToo on This Time last night and it was a hit with viewers
    Back of the net.
    # dredge
    Jessie J and Channing Tatum are already discussing marriage's The Dredge
    Another day, another heap of celeb dirt.
    # dirty sanchez
    Have you ever wondered where the cast of Dirty Sanchez are now? Wonder no more
    You’ll be surprised to learn that the entire cast is alive and well.
    # Pamela Anderson
    'Pamela Anderson called for an end to reality TV, and with recent events in mind she might be right'
    “You usually feel used, dirty and with no feeling of accomplishment.”
    # LGBTQ
    Little Mix sang in front of a rainbow flag in Dubai where homosexuality is still illegal
    “I’m so incredibly emotional.”
    # tv picks
    What to watch on TV tonight: Monday
    This is the telly everyone will be talking about tomorrow.
    # mothersday
    9 Mother's Day cards that will beat the ones your siblings get her
    It’s not a competition… but it is.
    # love sensation
    Everything we know about Ireland's new LGBTQ+ music festival Love Sensation
    Who’s excited?
    # daniel and majella
    'Daniel and Majella's USA Road Trip is the television tonic we deserve'
    Heart-wrenching stuff.
    # dwtsirl
    Leo Varadkar dragged partner Matt to the Dancing With The Stars final and had the public's sympathy
    That’s one way to spend a Sunday evening.
    # world of celebs
    So, it turns out Mel B and Geri Halliwell rode during Spice Mania... it's The Dredge
    Your daily dose of dirt.
    # indie phase
    How Much Do You Remember From Your Indie Phase?
    Did you spend way too long reading NME?
    # interiors
    10 ways to introduce this interiors trend into your gaff... and from just €8
    Insert pun about feeling the blues here.
    # mothersday
    7 experiences you could get your mam for Mother's Day if you're sick of getting her the same gift every year
    Some ideas on how to show some appreciation.
    # ruthanne
    "Female artists are up against a lot more than our male counterparts": RuthAnne on music's #MeToo moment
    From songwriter to star-in-the-making.
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