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# digital ads
Fine Gael spent over €13,000 promoting by-election candidates on Facebook and Instagram
Facebook data shows Fine Gael outspent all other parties on promoting candidates through Facebook.
'Gillette rejecting sexism just means that being outrageously sexist is now bad for business'
Gillette does not deserve our applause, and indeed it would be wise for us to view such campaigns with some caution, writes Éilis Ryan.
# crashed lives
The State spends millions on road safety campaigns each year - but are they effective?
New figures show the RSA spent €2.6 million across four campaigns.
# bystanders
New campaign asks: 'If you witnessed domestic violence, what would you do?'
Around 300,000 men and women in Ireland have been victims of severe abuse by a partner – 70% of people say it’s a common problem in Ireland.
# we all need the D
This unintentionally mortifying ad campaign was actually launched this week
It was supposed to be for Vitamin D.
# three problems
Three apologises after criticism of ad as transphobic
Many people are expressing their disgust at the ad on social media.
# Naked advertising
Bus company drops ad campaign that had topless woman with "Ride me all day" sign
The £3 promotion has caused some uproar.
# pretty hurts
Website leaks unretouched Beyoncé photos, fans go MAD
The BeyHive is accusing the website of photoshopping the pictures to make Beyoncé look bad.
# Tragedies
Another farm safety campaign considered after deaths of four children
Although the number of deaths has reduced, there is still much work to do to make Irish farms safer for young people.
# diet dreams
LowLow takes on diet clichés in new ad campaign
“Cos women and muffins can’t co-exist”
# firstworldproblems
Ad of the year? Haitians reading #FirstWorldProblems tweets
Charity turns Twitter hashtag on its head – what’s your reaction to it?
# US 2012
VIDEO: Democrats mash up Mitt Romney's new campaign ad
Video response to Republican candidate’s new strategy uses Romney video against him.
# horny
Annoying Viral Campaign of the Day
No comment.
# Mea Culpa
Nivea apologises for 'inappropriate and offensive' ad
Beauty group Nivea has pulled its latest advertisement campaign over complaints that it was racist.