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Wicklow WWE star Finn Bálor was so sound to a little boy who got starstruck around him
His BIGGEST fan.
This little girl wrote her dad a sound letter about a potentially bad smell in her room
“Do not worry I have a towel.”
This boy sang Baa Baa Black Sheep as Gaeilge on holiday and confused the British around him
Maith thú!
10 of the most adorable Irish fans of the Euros
#COYTIG (Come On You Tots In Green)
Macklemore's baby girl took her first ever steps in Ireland and the internet is obsessed
“I was there for her first steps.”
The dog that sat for THAT maternity photo shoot had adorable puppies
And the internet has fallen in love again.
15 adorable dogs that stole the show at Crufts this year
Would you look.
This zoo filmed a polar bear cub as she grew up and it's just the best
And she has a little stuffed polar bear friend too <3
18 impossibly adorable photos of animals for when you need an emergency pick-me-up
11 of the greatest mam texts ever sent
A couple rescued a squirrel, and now it's happily living in their Christmas tree
You’re gonna LOVE Mittens.
31 of the cutest things that happened in 2015
Possibly too much cute for you to handle right now.
Here's why people are dressing their babies up as Star Wars characters
This. This is why we have children.
Take a break and watch Daniel Radcliffe's original Harry Potter audition
The actor has changed quite a bit.
Irish people are sharing pics of beloved childhood toys ahead of the Toy Show
And it’s LOVELY.
This Irish girl is going viral on Facebook for explaining why she doesn't eat animals
“I don’t like that they chop animal-people up.”
Ah nothing, just some baby goats frolicking about in onesies
Not able.
This dog was trying to have a sleep but woke himself up with his adorable barking
It was just a dream and everything was GRAND.
The moment this baby hears his Mam's voice for the first time will melt your heart
Our hearts <3
16 times old people just didn’t get Facebook
Giving gifts to DSPCA shelter dogs is almost too cute to handle
If this doesn’t make you smile, you’re dead inside. DEAD.
Adorable Irish toddler has succinct explanation as to what the slurry tank was spreading
What was it spreading, you say?
Tralee primary school kids give most passionate Let It Go rendition ever
Unbelievably cute UPS ad features real-life kid become a postman for a day
And it’s adorable.
'Does This TD Need Help' Tweet of the Day
Would someone give Andrew Doyle a hand? It IS for a good cause.
Adorable book promo features children laughing hysterically at 'book with no pictures'
The book aims to show how fun books can be even without pictures.
This little boy and girl arguing about the weather are the most adorable thing you'll see today
“You poked my heart.”
This tiny hamster hanging out in its tiny house is just TOO cute
Binging on food and chilling in bed. The dream.
This dog pool party is the happiest thing you'll see today
Forget Disneyland, THIS is the happiest place on earth.
Taylor Swift surprises young cancer patient with adorable duet
This is just lovely.
Tiny baby and her cuddly puppy pal are almost TOO cute
No. We Can’t.
Toddler adorably conducts cheering crowd
He lives for the applause.
8-year-old girl gets a puppy for her birthday, and reacts with brilliant emotion
BRB, sobbing.
Old couple pose for the best picture ever after their car flips
Hold us.
Adorable 4-year-old Irish kid gives the greatest rendition of Danny Boy you'll ever hear
What a hero.
This insanely cute baby predator is just TOO much
Can you make it through this post without saying "AWWW"?
You won’t be able to resist the charms of the cutest animals on the internet. We’re telling you.
Backpacker and little girl break language barrier with adorable game of Rock Paper Scissors
This made our day. Yes, already.
Irish Game of Thrones star records adorable message for little boy with special needs
His reaction is just lovely.
Two little girls have the most adorable Judo fight ever
Bow down!