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Parenting: Can we stop the madness of uncomfortable and costly school uniforms?
Margaret Lynch
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So far this year, 32 children have had to stay in adult mental health units and it's going to continue to happen
The older you get, the worse at making decisions you may become
'Serious concerns' over private treatment centre for people with anorexia
Scientists say adolescence now lasts until the age of 24
Ward of court system is 'inadequate, archaic and has no place in the 21st Century'
Irish children from deprived families twice as likely to be exposed to second-hand-smoke
'I couldn't believe they over-medicated my father to shut him up because he was singing'
What Percent Mess Are You?
People who use public transport have lower fat percentage than those who drive to work
Poll: Should the legal smoking age in Ireland be raised?
A huge number of Irish adults are worried about not having enough money to buy food
Irish adults are willing to pay €83 for water services
'Social workers can't do their jobs properly due to under resourcing'
A third of people think coding is more important than learning Irish
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First meningitis B vaccine now available privately in Ireland
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9 adults who are being exceptionally unhelpful about the Leaving Cert
Cabinet 'to make decision on Bethany Home next week'
Column: What Irish companies need to know about cyberbullies in the workplace
Julie O'Neill
13 things today’s Leaving Cert students have no memory of
Garda witness appeal after 4 children and 3 adults injured in crash
Just two ASBOS issued since 2010 as much-criticised system is shunned
Lisa McInerney: New Year is where we resolve to be grown-ups
Lisa McInerney
New Irish horror film animated by children