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Dublin manager Jim Gavin plays "groomsman" to 5,300 animals being airlifted to Africa
Irish photographer documents life inside notorious Uganda prison
Asian and African countries face Zika risk due to high volume of people travelling there
One man's dream project to fly from Ireland to Africa by lawnmower gets under way this week
The party of Nelson Mandela has had its worst electoral result since apartheid
Stench of death hangs over South Sudan capital
Three Irish citizens are 'in lockdown' seeking refuge from South Sudan violence
'Try it tomorrow and see': Gambian president promises 20-year jail terms for child marriage
"So many people died in the desert. We saw dead bodies, skeletons" - The horror stories of children seeking a new life
This Irish man is set to fly to Africa with a lawnmower engine on his back
The world's biggest ivory bonfire is happening right now
Irish-born UN Ambassador's motorcade hits and kills boy
PHOTOS: This starving boy has made a wonderful recovery two months after being rescued
'Families hire 'cutters' to remove any sensation for the girl and it's called a rite of passage'
Rodney Rice
Woman found guilty of 1997 baby kidnap
'I used a razor blade and often cut ten girls a day'
'I don't know if my child's been buried' - Images show possible mass graves after Burundi killings
Australian couple in their 80s kidnapped by African Islamist group
Number of teenagers dying from AIDS has tripled since 2000
Well-to-do London couple abducted boy from Nigeria and made him their slave for 24 years
A whopping 320 tech jobs for Ireland have been announced today at the Web Summit
Evidence of mass graves, forced cannibalism and rape in South Sudan conflict
A hunter has shot the biggest elephant killed in Africa for almost 30 years
In photos: Can you think of a suitable Irish name for this baby giraffe?
4 things you need to know about the (now failed) coup in Burkina Faso
Lit cigarette blamed for petrol tanker explosion that killed 85 people
Thousands are fleeing Eritrea - what are they running from?
Watch: Elephant sneaks up on Irish tourist and knocks him over
Women and girls killed in crash at Swaziland festival where king chooses a new wife
'Africa's North Korea' — the worst regime you've never heard of
Seven million women in one year treated for complications from unsafe abortions
The oldest 'modern' hand in the world has been discovered
Feeling pressured by men, Ivory Coast women ignore ban on skin-whitening creams
Facebook billionaire gives millions of 'no strings attached' cash to poor people
Heard of this African version of Sex and the City? It's pretty glamorous
People in Kenya are naming their kids Air Force One in honour of Obama's visit
'My name belonged and so I belonged' - Barack Obama is about to return to his 'homeland'
40 people have left Ireland for Islamic State areas
What do you do when people smuggler is the best job you can get?
Chimpanzees have sessions, get drunk, go for a lie down - new study