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# Air Traffic

This year
# Air Traffic
Flights briefly diverted from Dublin Airport due to drone activity
The affected flights included arrivals from London, Alicante, Glasgow and Malaga.
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# Travel
Ireland’s air traffic decline 'among worst in Europe'
There was a 83% decrease in flights in May this year compared to the same month in 2019.
# Brexit ready
Ryanair applies for UK licence ahead of Brexit
Other airlines have made similar moves amid concerns that Brexit could severely disrupt air traffic between Britain and continental Europe.
# striiiiiike
Travelling to Spain this week? We may have bad news for you...
There are four air traffic strikes planned in the coming days.
# a sinking cork
Cork Airport may be 'world class' - but it keeps on losing passengers
Traffic through the airport is going down and down.
# Management
NASA is creating its own air traffic control system for drones
The control system will be entirely automated, and will be first used for agriculture next year.
# mh17
This dramatic radar image shows airlines reacting to the crash of MH17
Decisive measures were taken.
# Collision Course
So what happens when you leave an intern in charge of a busy airport runway?
You might end up with two planes almost colliding, which is what happened last month in Vietnam.
# France
French air traffic controllers end their strike after two days
The strike was due to run until the weekend, but was cancelled after marathon talks between unions and the government.
# Investigation
Two planes on a 'collision course' in narrow miss at Knock Airport
After getting the warning one of the aircraft had to make an immediate right turn to avoid a crash.
# Come Fly With Me
There were 1,613 flights in Irish airspace on last month's busiest day
Air traffic figures for April show an increase at all three airports with Shannon seeing a significant rise of over 30 per cent.
# Air Traffic
Up, up, up: Passenger traffic at Dublin Airport
As a result of the passenger rise, DAA will pay a €5.6 million rebate to airlines who saw passenger growth in 2013.
# Global Warming
An Taisce claim air-travel tax will be re-introduced to combat climate change
The environmental group says that scrapping the tax makes no “long-term sense” and wants Ireland to make increasing use of ferry crossings.
# Budget 2014
With the Air Travel Tax gone, Ryanair commits to a million more passengers
The airline says it wants to meet Irish airport bosses to discus growing its traffic in and out of Ireland by at least one million passengers a year from April 2014.
# Air Traffic
Air traffic at Dublin and Shannon is up, but Cork is down
Dublin Airport handled nearly 500 flights every day in September, with 62 in Cork and 60 in Shannon.
# Come Fly With Me
3% more passengers fly with Aer Lingus in June
While long haul flown passengers is up by 17.2 per cent last month compared to the same time last year.
# Flights
Nose dive: Aer Lingus passenger numbers drop for April
The airline blames the timing of the bank holiday weekend for a 2.5 per cent drop in passengers.
# Brrrrr!
Airline passengers warned of snow delays at Dublin Airport
Flight operations were briefly suspended to allow de-icing; passengers should expect delays in both arrival and departure.
# Air Traffic
IAA: 2013 another "tough year" for Irish aviation industry
However, Irish air traffic has returned to ‘modest growth’ in 2012, and there are signs that a more consistent growth will emerge, said the Irish Aviation Authority.
# snowfall
Stansted Airport “getting back to normal”
Meanwhile, Luton airport has reopened but is also experiencing delays due to snowfall.
# all the way home
Pic: What happens when Americans fly home for Thanksgiving
Busy skies much?
# Flying
International flights down 3 per cent at Dublin, Cork and Shannon
IAA figures show that total flights in Irish airspace fell by 1.2 per cent last month compared to April 2011.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Thursday
All the biggest news stories from the day, as well as the few bits and pieces you might not have seen.
# Cyprus
Cyprus air traffic controllers go on four-hour strike
Unions say their staff are paid through a levy on airlines – and therefore shouldn’t be subject to a national pay freeze.
# Knock airport
2011 is Knock Airport's busiest year to date
Passenger levels rose 11 per cent last year, but the airport says 2012 is expected to be ‘challenging’.
# Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport flights resume after 100 kmh winds
Normal flight operations have resumed in Dublin Airport, as heavy winds earlier this afternoon begin to abate.
# Air Traffic
German air traffic control strike set for tomorrow
Air travel disruptions ahead as union plans for six-hour strike over controllers’ pay and employment conditions in Germany.
# Germany
German air traffic control strike averted
Controllers drop their planned strike despite lodging appeal against injunction.
# Air Travel
German air traffic controllers appeal court ruling banning strike action
3,400 flight controllers were due to stop work for six hours tomorrow – but a German court has banned the strike.
# Ash Cloud
German airports reopen as ash cloud dissipates
Air traffic has resumed over Germany after the threat from volcanic ash forced airlines to cancel flights earlier today. Meanwhile, the Irish Aviation Authority says there will be no impact on Irish airspace for at least the next 48 hours.
Take 5: Thursday
5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock.
# Spain
Holiday chaos avoided as Spanish airports avert strike action
The company that runs Spain’s airports reaches a preliminary agreement with trade unions to call off 22 days of strike action.
# Spain
Spanish airport strikes could put sun holidays on ice
Millions of airline passengers could see holiday plans ruined after Spanish airport staff announced a series of planned strikes.
# Air Traffic
European air traffic problems
# France Strikes
Irish flights to France stopped by strikes
Flights cancelled as third air traffic strike get underway.