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# along came a spider

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# along came a spider
Fiat's 124 Spider roadster takes its inspiration from the 1960s
Fiat brings Italian style open top driving to the Irish roads.
# Australia
Police rushed to a 'domestic dispute' - but just found a man screaming at a spider
New South Wales Police posted a transcript of their conversation with the man online.
# along came a spider
Police rushed to a 'domestic dispute', but just found a man screaming at a spider
Same, TBH.
# along came a spider
This guy willingly put spiders in his mouth to try and disprove an urban myth
Distressing, but reassuring at the same time.
# along came a spider
107 million spiders were found to be living in a disused US water treatment plant
# along came a spider
This is the absolute worst story about a spider you'll ever hear
Like, the actual worst.
# along came a spider
Giant spider photobombs BBC Scotland breakfast newscast
Turn that arachnophobia up to ninety.
# along came a spider
Man tries to kill spider, ends up burning his house down
KILL IT WITH FIRE! Except maybe don’t.