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# Hozier
11 things we learned from Hozier's AMA that also might make you hungry
Pistachio ice cream is cancelled.
# Genius
Bill Gates never attended any of the classes he signed up for at Harvard - but got A's anyway
Apart from that one course in organic chemistry.
# ask me anything
14 delightful and bizarre moments from Channing Tatum's Reddit AMA
He calls his lad “Gilbert”.
# Chopping onions
This real-life story about Big Bird will make you cry
The guy who went viral for having two penises has written a tell-all memoir
Don’t act like you don’t want to read it.
# Awkward
Well, Chris Rock's Reddit AMA got off to an awkward start
A fan immediately confused him for Chris Tucker. *shakes head*
# for england james
Pierce Brosnan gives perfect Irish-related James Bond quote
Smooth b**tard.
# game of chick peas
Tyrion from Game of Thrones loves hummus as much as you do
We always knew he was a cool guy.
# beerin
A Dublin pub owner is going viral with his Reddit 'ask me anything'
Over 4,500 comments were left for the Thomas House pub manager.
# three's company
Man with three testicles posts picture and answers questions on Reddit
Yes, there’s a picture.
# get a clooney
9 times George Clooney's AMA proved he's the smoothest man in Hollywood
He’s actually gas, who knew?
# life lessons
10 essential life questions, answered by a 103-year-old woman
AKA the wisdom you actually need.
# life on earth
What is the one species of animal David Attenborough 'never thinks about'?
That, and 8 other highlights from his Reddit AMA.
# Double trouble
A man with two penises has done an Ask Me Anything on Reddit
Oh, please, don’t pretend like you don’t have a few questions you’d like to ask him yourself.
# the meaning of monty
11 of the best bits from Monty Python's 'ask me anything'
They’re baaaack!
# hanks a lot
The best moments from Tom Hanks 'ask me anything'
AMAs are like a box of chocolates…
# material girl
9 of the best bits from Madonna's AMA
She dreams about Brad Pitt and is going canoeing with Snoop Lion.
# Get Hooky
The best bits of George Hook's Twitter 'ask me anything'
He was breast fed, y’know.
# rickaaay
6 things we learned from Ricky Gervais' 'ask me anything'
Ireland is one of his favourite gigs.
This is what happens when you can ask Snoop Lion whatever you want
It is hilarious and informative.
# ground control to major tom
'My daughter is in Ireland': Astronaut Chris Hadfield says 'ask me anything'
Here are our nine favourite questions and responses from the International Space Station
# not a tumour
7 thing we learned when Arnold Schwarzenegger said "ask me anything"
The Terminator says the Republican Party need to “stay out of people’s bedrooms”, confirms that it’s not a tumour, and says he improvises every “AYYAYAGH”.
# super serial
Al Gore's Reddit AMA: The best bits
The former Veep has finished an AMA session on Reddit… see what he had to say.
# crazy horse
“Who is Bono?” asks Neil Young
Morto for Bono.