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Some Amish people live 10 years longer than their neighbours. Scientists say it's because of a gene mutation
Amish people with this gene mutation were also significantly less likely to get diabetes.
Kids on Amish farms are less likely to get asthma - a new study explains why
Researchers have pinpointed the reason for the low-rates of asthma in children living on Amish farms.
Amish sect found guilty of cutting off beards
The breakaway Amish group carried out the attacks against rivals in the community.
Seven charged with hate crimes over Amish beard cutting attacks
The spate of attacks terrorised members of the Amish community across three US states, according to Ohio police today.
Amish community seek police help after hair-cutting attacks
Amish bishops decided to seek help from outside after a spate of attacks against several followers by a breakaway group.
The Daily Fix: Friday
In tonight’s Fix: All the latest from the presidential election campaign trail; the perfect video to get you in the mood for tomorrow’s big game in New Zealand, and what happened when Clooney met Berlusconi?
Amish gang wanted over midnight 'haircutting' assaults
Opposing gangs in the Amish community have been breaking into each other’s houses and cutting their hair and beards.
Ten things you may not know about Ash Wednesday
Christians across the country will be observing the holy day – but how much do you know about it?