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# Animal Abuse

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'Heartbreaking': Eight dogs rescued from 'appalling' living conditions in Cork
The dogs had to be sedated before they could be treated or groomed.
'Absolutely horrendous': 16 abandoned, malnourished donkeys rescued in Mayo
One donkey was already dead when the Department of Agriculture arrived at the scene.
Half-starved lion cub found 'wasting away' in abandoned Paris apartment
Police began hunting for the cub after noticing selfies on social media of a man and the cub.
Photos: The ISPCA is appealing for homes for 28 Jack Russell terriers
The dogs are currently being cared for at the National Animal Centre in Longford.
At crisis point: Over €1 million spent to destroy 2,000 horses in Dublin
There were 4,923 horses seized across Ireland in just one year and most were put down.
"Savage behaviour": Crocodile stoned to death by visitors at Tunisia zoo
The animal died after being hit on the head by two large rocks.
Almost €1 million spent seizing over 2,500 horses and almost 90% were destroyed
When a horse is seized, a public notice is put up and if it’s not claimed after five days, the animal is destroyed.
Malicious and cruel: what drives someone to poison a dog?
After the case of deliberate poisoning in Dublin this week, delves into such incidents and why they happen.
Dead dog with brick tied to his neck is pulled from quay
The animal was found in Ballina.
Woman breaks up with fiancé after secretly filming him abusing her dogs
Nina Mandin became suspicious of her fiancé after she noticed her dogs were withdrawn.
DSPCA calls on DoneDeal to stop selling animals after investigation into online trading
DoneDeals says that removing the ads would drive the marker underground.
Man arrested after a video of him kicking a cat goes viral
Andre Robinson was filmed kicking a helpless kitten. The internet made SURE he wouldn’t get away with it.
Horses in Dublin estate starved, beaten and mowed down by quad bikes
*WARNING* This story contains a very graphic image that some people may find disturbing.
Abused dog's new owner writes touching open letter to person who hurt her
Cathy the pitbull had been underfed and burned with cigarettes by a previous owner. For shame.
Dog named Fionn who was left to die under a pile of rubbish to be rehomed
Fionn was sent to Dublin to have an operation on his skull over Christmas.
Laois man convicted for causing unnecessary suffering to a dog
The man has been banned from keeping animals for five years and will have to undertake community service with the ISPCA.
San Diego restricts beach use after seal abuse
The ‘seal-cam’ captured people abusing and harassing seals at a beach in San Diego.
Owl dies after being kicked by soccer player
Panamian striker apologised for his behaviour following the shocking incident.
Bosnian ‘puppy thrower’ being questioned by police
Authorities detain a girl in an online video that showed her throw newborn puppies into a river.