Anna Kendrick thought the #MeToo emoji was a load of vaginas instead of hands

Easy mistake to make.

SOME OUR FAVOURITE female celebs had a rude awakening on Twitter this week.

Ruby Rose took to Twitter to air her grievances with the #MeToo campaign … But not for the reasons you might expect.

Turns out, she thought that the little emoji that accompanies the #MeToo hashtag was a load of vaginas … And not hands.

Source: Slate Magazine

There it is. Clear as day. Oops.

Oh man! This whole time, I guess my eye sight is bad, I thought the #metoo emoji that I keep seeing was little vaginas. Not hands … I mean … hands are fine too. I shouldn’t have got a smaller phone.”

Turns out she wasn’t alone in this thinking though – enter, Anna Kendrick.


DUDE ME TOO. I was like, wow, they really couldn’t give a shit about making sure people are “comfortable” and I’m kinda digging it. (I too have a small phone).”

Ruby went on to say she was “dissatisfied” with her realisation, saying she felt more empowered by cartoon vaginas. Don’t we all?

Anna suggested that maybe they were saving the cartoon vaginas for the next generation.

Our daughters will have cartoon vaginas, and we with think, “Yes, this is what we fought for.”

One day, Anna. One day.

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