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11 memories of Antics in Crawdaddy that will bring you right back

The premier Dublin night of the mid to late ’00s.
May 7th 2016, 8:15 PM 5,669 0

anticscover Source: Antics Facebook

1. The little tunnel entrance down the steps to Crawdaddy made you think you were entering a seriously classy establishment

wpid-wp-1428057469813 Source: Dublinghostsigns

2. And the smoking area in Antics, looking up at Harcourt Street, was where the real craic happened every Wednesday

anticsland3 Source: Facebook

On the rare occasion that someone didn’t get in, you’d have to chat with them through the bars for a while before they headed on home.

3. Trying to snake in for €3 before midnight was the main Antics goal – even though it was only a couple of euro more after

retro Source: Facebook Antics Dublin

4. A significant percentage of people whacked their head off the weird curved stone walls at the sides of the front room at some stage when locked during their Antics career

CrawDaddy In quieter times... Source: ctoverdrive

5. The front room of Antics was designed for sitting, shifting on the couches or admiring the lights hanging off the tree that was there for sme reason

anticsland4 Source: Antics Dublin Facebook

6. And in the next room, it was mandatory to get up on stage to dance

anticsland2 Source: Antics Dublin Facebook

7. Antics might have hit its peak when James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem graced the stage one Wednesday

The night everyone got naked was talked about in Antics folklore for some time after.

8. Consuming various colours of VK was a must – even though they were never seen outside of Crawdaddy and their origins questionable

L-VK-RANGE_NOHR-rgb300dpi1 Source: Retailtimes

9. More than any other night in Dublin, dressing up was actively encouraged at Antics

saveon Source: Antics Facebook

Which guaranteed the most eclectic looking bunch to be seen hitting a dance floor anywhere.

10. The pile of jumpers and jackets near the dancefloor hit legendary heights by the end of every Antics night

banner Source: Facebook Antics Dublin

And everyone had lost at least one garment to the ether at one time or another.

11. And finally… the last Antics in 2010 was a fitting tribute – and everyone claimed to be there

Source: David Parle/YouTube


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