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9 problems only people with an Apple Watch will understand

It’s hard out here for an Apple Watch user, OK?
Sep 25th 2015, 10:26 AM 3,979 1

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THE WAIT IS OVER for Apple fans today as the Apple Watch officially goes on sale in Ireland.

But if you’re planning on getting one, be aware that you’re joining an exclusive club of people perpetually annoyed by their Apple Watches. Here are just nine of the problems lying ahead of you.

1. When it tells you to exercise more *sigh*

The Apple Watch measures your movements all day and encourages you to move more if you haven’t. Which is just RUDE.

2. When it’s too heavy for your wrist

Sorry, like? This is unacceptable.

3. When people think you’re bored, but you’re actually just looking at your Apple Watch

So annoying!

4. When you keep taking screenshots accidentally

The worst.

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5. When you can only tell the time and draw pictures on your watch

What is even the point, Apple?

6. When you nearly get caught using it to cheat on a test

Thanks for nearly getting me caught, APPLE WATCH.

7. When you can’t ignore people trying to communicate with you any more

The Apple Watch makes you social. BOO.

8. When you want to send your heartbeat to your pals but none of them have an Apple Watch

This is just madness.

9. When it makes you spend your money on it

Really. How is this fair?

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