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Are You A Good Other Half?

Are you bad, or bae?
Jun 21st 2015, 9:30 PM 14,629 6

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1. First things first, are you Facebook official?
2. How often do you see your OH?
Every day
At the weekends, mostly
Every 2 to 3 days
Less than once a week
3. Are good morning and good night texts 'a thing'?
Yes, the bigger the better
Not on my watch
A simple good night and good morning is sweet
We live together, so no
4. Which of these couples give you relationship goals?
5. Be honest, have you ever snooped at their messages?
Yes, I'm not proud
6. How would you rather spend a night with your OH?
At the cinema, with a bucket of popcorn
In bed, with a pizza and movies
Out partying with friends
A fancy dinner out and some drinks
7. How do you usually communicate if you need to tell your OH something quickly?
Facebook wall
Text or Whatsapp
Tweet or email
8. Are you a cuddler?
Hell no, I need my space
Yes, but I have my limits
YES. All cuddles ALL the time.
9. Have you ever forgotten a big event, anniversary or birthday? Be honest...
Yes :(
Hell no
10. Finally, do you get along with their family?
Yes, I love them
I tolerate them
Not at all
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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You are the best
Your OH is one lucky so and so.
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You scored out of !
You're pretty bad
Ouch, trouble in paradise? A little more effort, c'mon, they deserve it.
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You're acceptable
You're not the worst, but you're not the best. A little more effort would go a long way.
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