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One of the most awkward arguments about the bill took place on the opening episode of First Dates USA

This was always going to happen.
Jun 19th 2017, 10:51 AM 14,621 8

firstdates Source: NBC

THE AMERICAN VERSION of First Dates launched in the USA earlier this year, but it’s finally come to our side of the Atlantic thanks to E4.

They showed the very first episode of the series on Thursday night.

It has Drew Barrymore narrating, an Italian Maître D and all the awkward moments you’d expect from a quality First Dates.

But one moment in particular has gone viral since E4 shared it on their Facebook page last night.

When the bill came out for this couple

Oh. No.

As is First Dates tradition, they left the most dramatic date until last. Woody and Katheryn seemed to be getting along well – a few shots of tequila helped – until the bill was presented at the end. Now, any seasoned watcher of First Dates should know that the splitting of the bill is often a point of discussion – but the Americans, given it’s the opening episode, had no idea.

That’s when things got awkward.

Before the bill was even opened, Woody checked to see where Katheryn stood on the issue

2dates Source: E4

2dates12 Source: E4

And she had a *strong* position on the matter

2dates1 Source: E4


Woody repeated it back out loud just to be sure he heard it correctly

2dates2 Source: E4

Oh yes

2dates3 Source: E4

So then, Woody opened up the bill to see the damage

2dates4 Source: E4

Katheryn wasn’t happy with that

2dates5 Source: E4

Immediately upon seeing the total, Woody ran to the jacks

2dates6 Source: E4

^the face of someone who’s worried about not having enough on the card

Katheryn had some worries about his quick exit

2dates7 Source: E4

But no, he was just going there to make a phone call

2dates8 Source: E4

And the waiter came to get the bill… but it hasn’t been paid

2dates9 Source: E4

Woody described the situation to his friend

2dates10 Source: E4

2dates11 Source: E4

Woody came back out and paid the bill. But it only got more awkward from there:

“This was expensive. Just to let you know”

2dates14 Source: E4

He then showed her the $200 figure before they left

2dates15 Source: E4

Her response?

Yeah, that’s not a lot to me


Then they went into the decision room

2dates16 Source: E4

Woody was straight in there:

“I do not want to see you again”

2dates17 Source: E4

Well, that’s one way to do it.

First Dates gave us an update on them at the end – and Katheryn is seeing someone* now

2dates18 Source: E4

*who pays for all her meals

Woody and Katheryn will always have their one night together – and everyone watching will never forget their argument about the bill.

Welcome to First Dates, America. Enjoy.

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