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November 2023
Poll: Did you spot the Northern Lights last night?
People across the island shared their shots of the spectacular natural phenomenon.
This year
'You'll never get the same picture twice': Wexford man captures Northern Lights from back garden
On a clear night and with the right conditions, the lights can be seen from multiple locations around the country.
All time
Two US police officers fired after photo emerges of them re-enacting chokehold used on black man who later died
The officers imitated a chokehold used on a black man who subsequently died last August.
Warner Bros defends Joker film after families of 2012 cinema shooting victims express concern
At a late-night screening of a Batman film in 2012, a gunman killed 12 and injured 70 people.
'Batman' cinema killer James Holmes jeered and slammed with 3,318-year sentence
“Sheriff, get the defendant out of my courtroom.”
The best place to see the Northern Lights? From space...
The timelapse was taken during a sunrise.
'Batman' cinema shooter James Holmes spared death penalty
The jury spent two days deliberating after three months of evidence.
"Airport or movie theatre" - Read the chilling diary of the 'Batman' cinema killer
“Serial murder: Too personal, too much evidence, easily caught, few kills.”
After years of delays, 'Batman' cinema shooting trial to get under way
James Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.
Amazing photo of a NASA rocket being fired into an aurora
Good work, science.
Watch this polar bear cub taking his first steps at Toronto Zoo
This is too much.
Colorado shooting suspect pleads not guilty by reason of insanity
James Holmes will now undergo months of psychiatric testing to determine whether he was sane at the time.
Colorado cinema shooting suspect may plead not guilty by insanity
James Holmes entered a ‘not guilty’ plea by default – but lawyers may now plead insanity to spare the death penalty.
Prosecutors to seek death penalty in US cinema shooting
“In all the information that is available to me, it is my intention that for James Eagan Holmes in this case, justice is death,” the prosecuting lawyer said today.
Courtroom drama at Colorado cinema massacre trial
A shout of ‘rot in hell’ was heard as the judge delayed the official laying of charges against James Holmes.
Colorado court shown chilling images from suspect's iPhone
James Holmes’ lawyers declined to make their case today so a ruling on whether he can stand trial is awaited.
Court hears frantic 911 calls from US cinema massacre
More than 40 emergency calls were made in a 10-minute period on that fateful day in July 2012.
Court hears of harrowing scenes at Aurora cinema shooting
One police officer recalled finding the youngest victim, a six-year-old girl, with no pulse.
Court to hear details of Colorado theatre massacre
A week-long preliminary hearing will determine whether James Holmes, 25, will stand trial for the fatal shootings of 12 people last July.
The Evening Fix... now with added signs your childhood is over (sorry)
Here are the things we learned, loved and shared today.
Four shot dead in hostage situation in Aurora, Colorado
The gunman killed three people at the house in Aurora before he was shot dead by police.
Court records show that Dark Knight shooter made threats
James Holmes was barred from his university after allegedly making threats to someone on campus.
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.
Ohio man brings weapons to Batman screening for 'protection'.
Scott A Smith brought guns, ammunition and knives into the theatre in Westlake in Ohio.
Man facing charges over fracas at Batman screening in Florida
Over 100 people fled the cinema after man shouted “This is it” and donned black gloves at screening.
Colorado shooting suspect charged with 24 counts of murder
The 24-year-old suspect has been formally charged with a total of 142 counts over the deadly shootings at a Colorado cinema earlier this month.
Dark Knight Rises composer writes song for Aurora victims
Hans Zimmer recorded the song in the days following the tragedy which claimed 12 lives.
Colorado shooting: Suspect James Holmes to be charged today
Holmes is expected to be formally charged with committing one of American’s worst ever mass shootings over a week ago.
Ashley Moser, injured mother of 6-year-old Colorado victim, suffers miscarriage
The 25-year-old was critically wounded in the Aurora cinema shooting earlier this month.
Colorado shooting victims being laid to rest in Ohio, Texas
Matt McQuinn, who dived in front of his girlfriend during the shooting, and Jessica Ghawi, who survived another random shooting just months earlier, will both be laid to rest today.
Colorado suspect 'was seeing university psychiatrist' before massacre
A court in Colorado has seen disputes over whether medical privilege covers contact between James Holmes and his doctor.
Colorado suspected gunman 'can't remember' shooting spree
Alleged killer James Holmes is repeatedly asking guards why he is in prison – claiming that he has no memory of the shooting which took place in a packed Colorado cinema last week.
Graphic shows every piece of equipment carried by the Colorado shooter
James Holmes purchased thousands of rounds of ammunition in the months prior to the attack.
Colorado: Almost $300,000 raised online for shooting victim
Caleb Medley lost his eye after being shot at in the Aurora movie theatre on Friday. His medical bills could reach $2 million.
Colorado massacre: Suspect 'sent warnings of attack to lecturer' says James Holmes sent a spiral-bound notebook with drawings of his plans to a college professor.
VIDEO: Batman star Christian Bale pays tribute to Aurora victims
The actor visited the devastated city to meet with survivors as they recover in the local medical centre.
Judge bans cameras from courtroom in Colorado movie shooting case
Meanwhile, Christian Bale visited survivors of Friday’s shooting and lays flower at memorial.