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'It's no surprise Peter Stringer was uncomfortable in his DWTS outfits when people hold attitudes like Megan Barton Hanson's'

Initially, Peter didn’t feel very confident in his DWTS outfits.

What is 'selfie dysmorphia' and why are people talking about it again?

Are Instagram filters starting to blur our perception of reality?

What to watch on TV tonight: Wednesday

This is the telly everyone will be talking about.

Here are 7 of the movies we were surprised to see left out of this year's Oscar nominations

So, we’re going to just pretend A Quiet Place never happened, are we?

'Don't bother telling anyone they're 'too easily offended' if you were outraged over what Azealia Banks said on Instagram'

Maybe the real snowflakes were the ones who got upset at Azealia Banks along the way.

Poll: Now that the Ofcom complaints have been added up, where do you stand on the Gemma Collins drama? Dancing On Ice This post contains a poll

Poll: Now that the Ofcom complaints have been added up, where do you stand on the Gemma Collins drama?

83 people lodged complaints about Sunday’s episode of Dancing on Ice.

Azealia Banks called Irish women 'ugly', so Irish people proceeded to spend the night proving her right

Azealia Banks has received numerous racist messages and threats ahead of her Dublin gig.

A Youtuber raised €175k for a charity supporting transgender kids 'to spite' Father Ted creator Graham Linehan

Alexandria Ortasio-Cortez joined his Twitch stream and Cher retweeted it.

How Well Do You Remember These TV Shows That Debuted 20 Years Ago?

1999 gave us The Sopranos, Futurama and The Amanda Show.

35 albums you should be looking forward to in 2019

This is going to be a pretty good year (in terms of music, anyway).

Can You Guess If These Junk Foods Are Vegan Or Not?

Vegans like eating sweets too.

Saoirse Ronan got caught giving out about people in Irish while filming Mary Queen of Scots

Saoirse and her mate Eileen didn’t realise a crew member was also Irish.

8 books to add to your January reading list

Some cracking books you might have missed in 2018.

Princess Nokia accused Ariana Grande of plagiarising 7 Rings and it actually does sound a bit familiar... Princess Nokia This post contains a poll

Brian McFadden told Loose Women exactly why he won't be joining Westlife on their reunion tour

On a totally unrelated note, someone farted live on air on today’s Loose Women.

Why you should try and visit your local library more often in 2019

Now that they’ve scrapped fees, you can go back without fear of judgment.

Millie Bobby Brown (kinda) apologised for saying Joe Goldberg's behaviour in 'You' was romantic

The 14-year-old Stranger Things star backtracked on her previous comments.

Poll: Have you been sticking to your New Year's Resolutions? New Year New You This post contains a poll

Margot Robbie is right - we all need to stop asking married women when they're going to get pregnant

“I’m so angry there’s this social contract.”

Millie Bobby Brown's take on 'You' is a bit dodgy, but maybe we should leave her alone because she's literally 14

The Stranger Things actress called the Netflix series about stalking “romantic”.

20 more really weird reviews that Irish people have left on Just Eat

You could honestly spend hours reading this stuff.

Everything you need to know about the new Irish-produced Netflix series written by George R. R. Martin

Netflix’s new series Nightflyers was filmed in Limerick.

Anne Hathaway can do a weirdly impressive Matthew McConaughey impression

Once again, Anne Hathaway reminded us why we all love her.

What Percent Niall Horan Are You?

How much do you have in common with aul Niall?

Mary Queen of Scots director Josie Rourke explained the menstruation scene Saoirse Ronan was praising last week

“It was probably the most straightforward scene that we shot.”

Let Dwayne Johnson's 'snowflake generation' comments be a reminder not to believe everything you read online

It’s 2019 and, somehow, we’re still having this conversation.

'Kevin, you're not being attacked': Terry Crews weighed in on the Kevin Hart Oscar situation

“You react the way you feel. He feels like he’s being attacked but the truth is: He’s not.”

20 LGBTQ movies and TV shows to look out for in the first half of 2019

Two appearances from Saoirse Ronan here, but the main highlights here are Rafiki and Russian Doll.

Here's why everyone's switching to bars of soap instead of shower gel all of a sudden

Barred soap is coming back into fashion.

What Percent Gwyneth Paltrow Are You?

You’ll never compete with Gwyneth in terms of notions.