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What it feels like avoiding Breaking Bad spoilers

NO SPOILERS, need we say it again?
Sep 30th 2013, 6:05 PM 3,530 1

WHY DO AMERICANS get all the shows before us? It’s not fair.

The final episode of Breaking Bad was broadcast last night in the states, but for many of us who have been otherwise occupied all day, we won’t get a chance to watch it until tonight, leaving us on edge all day.

Those who try to ruin it just don’t understand.

So you got up super early to watch it before the rest of Ireland…

Rachel_berry_waking_up Source: Reactiongifs

But, of course, it wasn’t on Netflix yet and you had to leave for work

mad Source: Reactiongifs

So now you can’t even THINK about reading any form of newspaper for the day

sheldon-throwing-papers-gif Source: Weknowgifs

As for Twitter… it’s a minefield out there

andrew-garfield-covering-eyes Source: Perezhilton

Then there’s the chance you’ll overhear something while you make a cup of tea in the office kitchen. Good morning? You’ve already said too much!

not-listening-dumb-and-dumber-o Source: Gifsoup

Those across the room discussing the shocker? Not on your watch

dennisreynolds-shush1 Source: Uproxx

Just as you think you’re safe, an oblivious friend links to a spoilerific headline on Facebook

tumblr_lyul1iceCf1qedt22o4_400 Source: Tumblr

Some joker, noticing how worked up you’re getting, decides to come over and pretend to spoil it for ‘the bants’

territory Source: Tumblr/justamoviejunkie

As your co-workers and friends get spoiled, you have to be there for them despite knowing they have nothing to lose and may bring you down with them

awkward-hug Source: Reactiongifs

It’s worth it though, when you finally get home later and load up Netflix… success

won Source: Reactiongifs

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