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Poll: What's the best part of Christmas dinner?
So much to choose from.
# Rollin'
Legendary Dublin pub The Gravediggers just invented the Irish spring roll
Featuring ham, cabbage and spuds. YES.
# eggcessive
This woman made her boyfriend a bacon 'Easter egg' with a full fry hidden inside
If that’s what floats your boat, then… sure.
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Thinking about dinner? Here are 7 easy-to-make ham recipes
It’s not just for sandwiches.
# mammy dinners
This Limerick chef just created bacon and cabbage chips
And he has plans for more.
# squueeeeee
This kid just discovered bacon and his reaction is delighting the internet
# Your Say
Poll: Will you eat less processed meat from now on?
The FSAI says it’s all about moderation, but has the research worried you?
# no more rashers
Bacon, sausages and ham do cause cancer - UN agency
The World Health Organisation says there is strong evidence that processed meats are carcinogenic.
# Rashers
People are not reacting well to the news that bacon is really, REALLY bad for you
The World Health Organisation have announced that processed meats can cause cancer.
Is an Irish breakfast staple the secret behind this woman's long (long) life?
Susannah Mushatt Jones was born on July 6 1899 – when Michael Collins would have been 9-years-old.
# rinding me up
A bacon lover penned this hilariously dramatic rant to Tesco about a missing rasher
Don’t mess around with people’s bacon, Tesco. Bacon is serious business.
# fakon
This seaweed tastes exactly like bacon and it's blowing people's minds
It’s as nutritious as KALE as well, would you believe.
# veggie good news
There's a new form of seaweed that tastes like bacon
It was developed in Oregon.
# Roll Up
Breakfast sushi is the food revelation you need in your life
Involves rashers AND Rice Krispies.
# bacon and egg
Is this the most depressing sandwich in the world?
We can’t.
# Ham Maguire
Would you eat a Sam Maguire or Liam MacCarthy Cup made entirely from rashers?
Because hockey fans have the chance to devour this monster.
# meatloaf
7 foods that Americans are definitely wrong about
Say no to meatloaf.
# baconfast
Someone has made Buckfast-flavoured rashers
*weeps* It’s just so…beautiful.
# pizza the action
US pizza chain introduces bacon-wrapped pizza
ENOUGH, we cry.
# scratch n sniff
Bacon-scented lottery tickets are part of our lives, finally
Rashers and money. Our favourite things.
# mmmm bacon
Reebok are now making special 'healthy' bacon
Delicious bacon.
# Rashers
Is Canada's a-pork-alypse coming to Ireland?
Calm down, alright? We should be okay.
# Taxing times
When you search for 'bitcoin' on you get 'bacon'
Bacon and buttons.
# delicious tv
Netflix pulled off the greatest April Fools' prank
You haven’t seen Rotisserie Chicken yet? Ah man, it’s deadly.
# scrumptious
Give your friends the gift of chocolate bacon this Christmas
And maybe leave some for yourself too. Yum.
# don't be rasher
Man breaks restaurant door over overpriced bacon
We can see where he’s coming from.
# over easy
Wrecked? Hungover? Here's how to hack your breakfast
Want a delicious breakfast but don’t have the energy? We’re here to help.
# sunny side up
How to have the best breakfast EVER
These babies will make your bran flakes feel bad.
# drool inducing
There is now 23 carat gold chocolate bacon and it looks amazing
If we were loaded this is all we would eat.
# mmmm bacon
11 ways bacon can make you live longer
The secret is happiness.
# handle the candle
12 candles to make your house smell totally bizarre
Who doesn’t want their home to smell like bacon, pizza or strippers?
# bacon the dog
This dog isn't sure about being dressed as a seal (pics and video)
This is Bacon. He is not amused.
# Food
Olhausen and Kearns sausages back in shops after Irish company buys brand
Mallon’s has taken over production and sale of the Olhausen, Kearns and Byrnes brands while machinery from the three closed factories was sold to businessman Larry Goodman’s company.
# Save our bacon
Aporkalypse Now! Twitter reacts in horror to news of bacon shortage
Ireland’s sow herds are shrinking. Let’s not do anything rash(er).
# need to know
The Evening Fix: Saturday
Things we learned, loved and shared today.
# bacon porn
Drink up: Your bacon is getting cold
Today is International Bacon Day. Break out the weird and wacky recipes.
# Mmmeaty
Introducing... the Burger King Bacon Sundae
Meaty dessert being made available across the US this summer.
# expensive bacon
Bacon painting sells for $45 million at Sotheby's
The painting of the male nude by the Dublin-born artist had been expected to sell for between $30 million and $40 million.
The Daily Fix: Sunday
Our collection of the day’s news, developments and random tidbits. Today including: an awesome time-lapse video.
# Week in Photos
The week in photos
Our pick of the wonderful and sometimes poignant pictures that shaped the week.