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15 of the worst life hacks ever suggested

Stop the world, we’re getting off for good this time.
Aug 22nd 2014, 1:00 PM 54,325 24


Except when they’re really, really not.

1. Create your own universal remote control

Don’t just misplace one remote, misplace them ALL at once.

ydeBA Source: Imgur

2. A quick and handy ice cream bowl

icecreambowl Source: Imgur

3. A magazine holder that’s stylish AND practical

Well, it’s practical, anyway.

TT192 Source: Hero of Switzerland

4. WOW, fold your t-shirts in minutes

Why didn’t we think of this one before?


5. A toothbrush holder to be proud of

‘Designer’, no less.

bad-life-hacks18 Source: Somuchviral

6. Home-made sandals

Stuck without some flip flops on a hot day, but loads of empty water bottles?

Well this one is just TOO obvious.

72HrNJD Source: Imgur

7. Hide your money from potential thieves

Because nobody ever loses their chapstick.

03-life_hacks Source: Barnorama

8. Heat up your hands on a cold day

Gloves? What are those?

the_best_of_the_utterly_useless_lifehacks_for_women_from_magazines_640_high_06 Source: Izismile

9. Change your entire body shape!

DOY! Why didn’t we think of this one?

tumblr_luk3ocbrgv1r4y4vyo1_r1_500 Source: LifeDeathTopTips!

10. Open a can

You’ve been doing it wrong this WHOLE TIME.

cokehack Source: Funny Junk

11. After-dinner mints, the easy way

After Eights, but allowed before eight. And puking. All the puking.

eHV98EY Source: Imgur

12. Birthday cake with no candles?

Locate your nearest smoker.

Convenient AND aromatic.

repara2 Source: Publimetro

13. Stop keyboard spillages

Sick of dribbling crumbs onto your keyboard like the animal you are?


TT182 Source: Hero of Switzerland

14. Open a beer while driving

For your passengers of course… officer.

xBjgY7e Source: Imgur

15. Keep your tea warmer for longer

A hot sup? Get with the times, grandma.

TT193 Source: Hero Of Switzerland

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