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11 symptoms of Post Bank Holiday Syndrome

How many do you have?
May 7th 2013, 12:50 PM 34,434 28

SO, THE LONG weekend. That happened.

Do you have Post Bank Holiday Syndrome? Here are 11 key indicators:

1. You felt like this when your alarm went off today


2. This diagram rings chillingly true

3. This accurately represents your morning commute


4. Working has for some reason become impossible

5. Time appears to have cruelly slowed down


6. When asked how your weekend was, you say:

7. This happens when you think about your bank balance

8. You’ve already had this conversation more times than you can count

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9. This happens when you actually check your bank balance


10. You are beset by confusion about what day it is

11. You would give literally anything for this


Well, how did you do?

1-4: You get the Post Bank Holiday Syndrome all-clear. Chances are you either worked over the long weekend (sorry), or mistakenly spent it doing something productive.

5-7: You are a worrying borderline case. To check, look at the text messages sent from your phone over the weekend. If there are any that make you want to dissolve with mortification, the diagnosis is positive.

8-11: This is a confirmed, full-blown case of Post Bank Holiday Syndrome. There is only one remedy: immediately retire to your sofa with a duvet, a box set, and a family-sized tub of ice cream.

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