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Mexican authorities investigating after wild bear that approached woman and got in selfie is castrated
The castration was authorised by a senior official with the wildlife protection authority.
Man 'happy to be alive' after bear attacked him while he was letting dog out of house
Andrew Meunier needed 41 stitches after the incident.
Teenager who was killed by bear sent text to his family while being chased
“This young man didn’t do anything wrong. He was just in the wrong place.”
Bear hitches a ride atop a rubbish truck in New Mexico
The truck driver didn’t notice the bear straight away, and travelled at least five miles with the animal.
Woman attacked by bear while running New Mexico marathon
Officials want to euthanise the bear.
Revenant bear's cameo and bizarre teenage tantrum, it's your comments of the week
Here are your best bits from the last seven days.
The terrifying moment a snowboarder is unknowingly chased down the slope by a bear
Kelly Murphy hadn’t a care in the world as she sang along to Rihanna at Hakuba 47 in Japan.
This bear bone discovery in Sligo could re-write Irish history
The examination of a bear patella shows that humans were in Ireland 2,500 years earlier than thought.
We can't get enough of this cute Kilkenny lamb who thinks she's a dog
We love you Little Dorrit.
There's a lamb and a puppy in Kilkenny and they're best friends
Meet Bear and Little Dorrit.
Watch: Wild bear goes on rampage in Russian shopping centre
The bear was later shot dead by local law enforcement.
The Times just landed newspaper correction of the week with a howler about the Pope
That would be an ecumenical matter.
16 struggles men with back hair need the world to understand
We cause outrage on beaches across the land.
A man had a run-in with a bear... but it didn't end like you'd think
BOO! Scared ya.
An old man punched a bear in the face to save his tiny dog, is a legend
Balls of steel.
Giant robot bear nurse part of 'new approach' to elderly care (no, really)
It’s designed to help lift elderly people in and out of bed. We’re not entirely sure why it’s been designed to look like a bear.
Worst idea ever? - Russian guy feeds massive bear from his window
Watch a kindly bear save a crow from drowning
A real life Care Bear.
Just an entire bear family wandering through a New Jersey neighbourhood
A mother bear with five cubs!
Bear fridge-raider is your new hero
You do you, bear.
Just a bear in a hammock, chillin' like a villain
Life’s too short to stress, man.
Mammy bear rescues baby bear from dangerous road
Reason #749309382 why mams are the best.
CCTV captures the moment a bear breaks into a house
While the resident was asleep on the couch.
Irish-born woman killed by bear in Canada
The 36-year-old was working in an oil field when the bear dragged her away from a group of colleagues.
Lost baby bear wanders into garage looking for his mam
Prepare to cry.
Bear told to get out of Alaskan pub, leaves without incident
If only all regulars were this well-behaved.
VIDEO: Bear steals whole dumpster full of leftover food
One wheelie bin to go, please.
Police dog breaks four teeth after being kicked in the mouth catching an attacker
The NYPD dog called Bear is nursing his canines after the attack.
How to improve any book in the world
Simply add this subtitle.
WATCH: Hungry polar bear meets man in Perspex box
Incredible footage of a close encounter.
VIDEO: Bear (huge) frightened away by woman (tiny)
Watch the bear beat a hasty retreat.
Want to see what a solid gold Winnie the Pooh looks like?
Of course you have – and now a shop in Beijing has made the dream a reality.
Bear survives for three weeks with jar stuck on its head
The black bear roamed around the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee without food after getting a plastic container stuck over its face.
Woman fends off black bear… with a courgette
What would you do if you came face to face with a grizzly? Pick up the nearest vegetable, of course.
Upsurge in joyriding bears
He can roar, but can he drive?