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Update: Tesco drops Silvercrest burgers because of horse DNA controversy
The retailer said the “breach of trust” was too great to ignore as Silvercrest used product that did not come from a list of approved suppliers.
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New test results show no trace of horse DNA in Liffey Meat products
A range of beef burgers sampled by the Department of Agriculture from products manufactured by Liffey Meats between 10 to 16 January 2013 have tested negative for equine DNA.
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Video: Here’s what happened when someone dressed as a horse went to Tesco
This was bound to happen…
# Horse Meat
David Cameron call for investigation into horse meat
However the British Prime Minister said ultimately retailers have to be responsible for what they sell and where it came from.
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Poll: Will the horse meat controversy stop you from buying beef burgers?
An inquiry has been launched to find out why 10 beef burger products tested positive for horse DNA. Does this turn you off buying beef burgers?
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Horse meat inquiry: contamination was likely 'accidental'
The FSAI has said there is no evidence of widespread ill practice, where horsemeat is being substituted for beef.
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Updated: Horse and pig DNA found in supermarket beef burgers
There were also traces of pig DNA in some of the samples taken by the FSAI.