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15 classic Dad jokes that will make you both laugh and cringe

Happy Father’s Day!
Jun 21st 2015, 6:00 PM 15,047 1

WHEN A MAN becomes a father, two things happen — (a) he becomes responsible for a living, breathing human being for the rest of its life and never sleeps again and (b) his old sense of humour is replaced with an entirely new sense of humour.

Dad humour, to be precise.

Yes, every Dad is armed with an arsenal of Dad jokes.

And even if you groan every time you hear them, you know you secretly love them.

In honour of Father’s Day, here are some of our favourites from the rather excellent r/DadJokes subreddit.

1. This classic Dad e-mail

ii0Lkd2 Source: Imgur

2. When your Dad opens up to you about his health

kl Source: Philip Pessar/Flickr

3. This birthday gesture

tlBv4 Source: Imgur

4. This maddening conversation

dad Source: Flickr

5. Oh, just the most Dad joke of all time

d5plMU4 Source: Imgur

6. Fact: your Dad thought of this joke before Tayto Park was even constructed

tayto Source: Darren Hall/Flickr

7. This lovely Christmas interaction between a Dad and a cashier


8. The ultimate Dad tweet

OVypI3y Source: Imgur

9. *tears up*

u925nMO Source: Imgur

10. This Facebook comment


11. This gas ticket

8crrlcq Source: Imgur

12. Oh, Cliff.

rTYfhFP Source: Imgur

13. This Dad at the dentist


14. Give him a hand in fairness, for that is a class joke.

49GBuQm Source: Imgur

15. And this Dad recipe.

hell Source: Flickr

Keep it up, Dads.


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What’s the most ‘Dad’ thing your Dad has ever done? 

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