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# best mates

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# best mates
'We just had a bet on for the regular season. He just won it... Fair play to him'
John Cooney and Jack Carty, close friends off the pitch, face each other in the Pro14 quarter-finals tomorrow.
# The lads
The moment Colin Farrell bumped into Gary Oldman for the first time is adorable
The mutual admiration society.
# best mates
Philippine President meets his 'hero' Putin to give out about US "hypocrisy and bullying"
Since taking office in June, the foul-mouthed Duterte has upended the Philippines’ historical military alliance with the United States.
# birthday bants
These lads have been sending each other the same card for 47 years
The best inside joke ever.
# cardboard kevin
These lads took a cardboard cutout of their absent friend on holidays
Things get messy.
# best mates
New Zealand man pledges to split $15m Lotto jackpot with best friend
The man is honouring a years-old pledge he made with his friend.
# Cabinet friends
No rift: Noonan and Kelly say they get on grand
The two ministers insist there is no rift between them over proposals for rent certainty.
# drinking buddies
If alcohol was your friend, here's what it would say
Oh stop that, Tequila.
# Genius
Deaf and blind, but a friend helped this Brazilian to live every minute of the World Cup
Carlos and Hélio will be together again tonight for their unique Brazil v Mexico experience.
# BBFs
Your day needs this elephant/dog best friendship
They share a love of swimming! Bella the dog uses Bubbles the elephant as a diving board!