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13 small events that would make anyone's day better

For you, because it’s Tuesday.
May 27th 2014, 12:57 PM 32,458 25

FOR US, TUESDAY has been summed up nicely today in this tweet:

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a few little things that make life a tiny bit easier.


Seeing this in a bathroom

This is about the greatest thing I've ever seen - Imgur Source: Imgur

Hearing this in a bathroom

Why not put it on and read the rest?

Source: xithe/YouTube

Finding a tenner you didn’t know you had

giphy3 Source: Wordpress

This vending machine jackpot

He hit the vending machine lottery - Imgur Source: Imgur

Taking off your bra (right ladies?)

Seeing this while driving

This made my day - Imgur Source: Imgur

Realising you paused live TV and can now fast forward the ads

2532182-victory Source: Wordpress

Someone wheeling this into your classroom/office

The joy when the TV trolley was wheeled... - The joy when the TV trolley was wheeled into your class in primary school | Facebook Source: Facebook

Getting an all chocolate Kit Kat/Purple Snack

I found a Kit Kat without the biscuit bar inside! - Imgur Source: Imgur

Successfully eating all the chocolate off a Purple Snack

snack Source: @JBoggan13

An unexpected positive outcome like this

Sometimes it's the little things... - Imgur Source: Imgur

Being just tall enough


Turning on the TV just as Back to the Future/Clueless/Big is starting

bigkeyboard Source: Starcasm

Must watch: Three Irish lads Riverdance their way around the world>

There’s a giant Mr Tayto bush in Dublin>

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