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Well, he's done it... last night was the best Graham Norton Show EVER

Bill Murray and Matt Damon. You can’t really go wrong.
Feb 15th 2014, 9:23 AM 53,579 9

WE ALL KNOW that Bill Murray is The Most Interesting Man in the World, right?

Well he’s just cemented that a little firmer in our minds with his latest appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

Murray was just one of the elements which made last night’s BBC show the (unofficial) best Graham Norton Show ever.

Let’s examine the evidence:

First of all, this was the couch:


Yep, that’s Matt Damon, Paloma Faith, Murray and Hugh Bonneville with our Graham.

Bill and Graham hugged it out

Murray was chatting about how his only ever previous UK chat show interview was with Irish man Terry Wogan.


The lads had a drinking competition





tumblr_n10vj0k95t1qc8jh0o10_250 Source: SandAndGlass/Tumblr

Matt Damon’s little face. We can’t.

Then Paloma got involved


We don’t want to point fingers, but Bill Murray was definitely the instigator of this


Matt Damon got to control the red chair

Source: BBC

Bill Murray told a story

Source: BBC

Hugh Bonneville’s red lipstick on Top Gear was addressed

Source: BBC

And OH how the lads LOLed


And then Matt Damon just made it official


And so, so many people agreed


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