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Mitt Romney and his binders full of women

What full of what now?
Oct 17th 2012, 10:30 AM 15,246 38

LAST NIGHT PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Mitt Romney said four words that are likely to be following him around for days to come:

Binders full of women.

He was speaking at the second debate in the election race, and referring to his time as Governor of Massachusetts when he became so concerned about the lack of female applicants for jobs on his staff that he went to women’s groups and said “Could you help us find folks?”.

And out came the “binders full of women”.

(The claim now appears to be misleading, as pointed out by the Huffington Post, and The Guardian . Romney didn’t ask for the binders full of women to be put together and brought to him, rather the work had already been done by womens’ groups in 2002. Romney claimed to have saved the women from a certain lifetime at the sink in 2002. Caught. Rapid.)

Boy oh boy did it go viral though. Within hours there were tens of thousands of people ‘liking’ Facebook pages and retweeting a link to a dedicated Tumblr.

Here are the best of the memes, tweets and LOLs so far:

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