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# Quiz
Can We Guess What Month You Were Born In?
Bet we can.
# still kicking
'I'm still alive anyway' jokes Queen Elizabeth on visit to Northern Ireland
The queen also told Martin McGuinness she had been kept very busy celebrating her two birthdays.
# lfie is unfaaair
9 pains only people with a January birthday will understand
It’s almost as bad as a December birthday.
# joker
This guy turned a birthday card for his niece into the ultimate dad-joke
They can’t even SEE IT.
# Happy endings
Hundreds of strangers showed up to this little girl's birthday after her classmates ignored invitations
Humans, you’re not so bad after all.
# birthday blues
7 reasons why your birthday is actually the most stressful day ever
CRAPPY birthday, more like.
# what if
Here's how your life would be different if Facebook didn't exist
Imagine a world where stalking your ex actually meant stalking your ex.
# michelle ma bell
7 of Michelle Obama's sassiest moments
The first lady turns 50 today and we’re drowning in SASS.
# sad keanu
6 of Keanu Reeves' most pessimistic quotes
Cheer up Neo!
# Lovely Girl
14 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is just like a typical Irish girl
# that jerk
16 of Steve Martin's greatest Twitter moments
He’s a gas man indeed.
9 vintage MTV shows you have forgotten
…and would possibly rather not remember.
Which John Cusack character are you?
There are MANY to choose from but we’ve selected the best.
9 children and dogs who know how to celebrate Mr. T
We pity the fool who doesn’t dress their kids or dogs as Mr T!
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Sunday
Man arrested in Cork on connection with house fire; Tipp man survives horrific stabbing; happy birthday Enda and Eamon; Charlie Bird under fire; the new iPhone; and skills that pay the bills. It’s your Daily Fix…
# In The Stream
YouTube turns six - but have you seen its first ever video?
The very first video on YouTube was just 19 seconds long – and shows a co-founder of the site visiting the zoo.