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Last year
Another year of Irish birth, marriage and death records are now available to the public online
Minister Catherine Martin TD said the update “will be met with eager anticipation by those carrying out research in genealogy”.
All time
'Desperate' parents paying double to get birth certs via private companies amid registration delays
Private companies are capitalising on long delays in the birth registration system.
Parents are paying private companies more than twice the going rate to get birth certs for their children, Órla Ryan reports
There are long delays in registering children's births in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow
This is having a knock-on effect on them being issued with birth certs and applying for social welfare benefits
China's birthrate plummets to lowest figure in decades
The relaxation of the ‘one-child policy’ has failed to result in a hoped-for baby boom.
'It's a nightmare': Parents still experiencing delays of up to eight weeks for birth registrations
The delays are blocking parents from accessing State welfare payments.
The delays are causing particular stress for financially vulnerable families who now cannot access State supports, Michelle Hennessy reports.
In response to criticisms, the government had said walk-in services were available but The Journal has confirmed they are not available in every county.
Number of births in Ireland falls by almost 20% in 10 years
The number of births has fallen by 18.8% since 2010 and 1.3% since 2017.
Birth numbers continued to decrease in 2019 as deaths increased slightly
In 2019, just over 60,000 births were registered, a continuation of a yearly decrease.
Number of births in Ireland continue to decrease as number of deaths increase
In 2018, a total of 61,901 births were registered in Ireland, down from 62,919 the year previous.
China's two-child policy has led to 5.4 million extra births, fewer than the government hoped
The country operated a strict one-child policy from 1979 to 2015.
Slightly fewer births as death rate increases in third quarter of 2018
The average age of first-time mothers was 31, up 0.2 years from the same period in the previous year.
Number of births continues to decrease as average age of mothers rises
Teenage births have more than halved in a decade and the number of twins being born has increased significantly.
There were 1,041 teenagers who became mothers in Ireland last year
The number represents a 5% decline and the HSE has welcomed the trend.
The percentage of 'perfect' births in first-time mothers is less than 1% - study
The study looked at over 8,000 pregnancies in women who hadn’t given birth before.
Heart disease and cancer are the most common causes of death in Ireland
Here are the latest statistics on births, deaths and marriages.
The average age for Irish brides and grooms is getting older and older
For men it’s nearly 36 and for women it’s nearly 34.
More males are born in Ireland, but women are living longer
Some 53,000 more females than males were recorded in the Census 2016 results.
Islam is set to have as many followers as Christianity by 2060
Islam has 1.8 billion followers, but a Muslim baby boom is expected.
Dublin's still beating Cork in the battle of the babies
The number of marriages registered during the quarter was 3,539, of which 186 were same-sex marriages.
One third of women have their baby by caesarean section
A new report into maternity services says there are a number of reasons.
Fascinating statistics compare modern-day Ireland to the country in 1916
Births, deaths, marriages … and the most popular baby names.
Births, deaths, crimes, marriages and sales - A snapshot of a year in Ireland
It was quite a year.
Here is how many people were born, died or got married in Ireland last year
Last year Irish people had 25% more babies than they did in the year 2000.
Why are A LOT more twins and triplets being born in Ireland?
There has been a 36% increase in the number of twins born in Ireland over the period of a decade.
Teenagers are having a lot fewer children than they used to
There has been a 60% decline since 2001 in the number of 15- to 19-year-olds having children.
30.3 years: That's the average age of Irish women having their first child
The average is going up.
A dozen breech births at Drogheda hospital went unnoticed, but the man in charge is "confident it's safe"
The details have emerged following an RTÉ investigations Unit report.
Ireland's fertility rate is below what's needed to sustain our population
It’s also still falling.
Irish people watch a baby being born for the first time, and react predictably
13 things you probably never knew about India
Hair, pollution, whiskey and babies – there’s a lot going on in India.
Women in Ireland are having fewer children
Teen pregnancies are down too, according to the CSO.
Elmo from Love/Hate is a daddy again... It's the Dredge
CUTE. All that and the rest of the day’s celebrity filth, in here.
Shock! Irish people still love getting married
There were 7,760 marriages registered in Ireland between July and October last year.
Mount Carmel will deliver its final baby today as 200 staff leave the hospital
The remainder of the total workforce expected to stay for another week or two.
Ireland has highest birth rate of all 27 EU nations
New figures from the ESRI also show there were 1,217 sets of twins born last year, and 33 sets of triplets.
Birth rate declines by 9 per cent as marriages increase
The figures from the Central Statistics Office also showed that 36.5 per cent of total births in January to March were to parents outside marriage.
Three babies infected with MSSA at Derry hospital
The infants are said to be stable today as the hospital undertakes infection prevention and control measures, including a deep clean.
Ireland retains highest birth rate of any EU country
An ESRI study shows a larger proportion of the Irish population having children than any other EU member state.
Putin encourages Russian families to have an average of three children
Starting from next year financial benefits will be introduced for those who have a third child, the Russian President said.
Births, deaths and marriages all decreased in Q1 of 2012 - CSO
The Central Statistics Office have today released the Vital Statistics First Quarter 2012 report. Here’s what it said.
One third of births in Ireland 'outside marriage'
The baby boom continues.