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Premature birth rates have fallen in just three countries over past 20 years - report
More than one in ten births in 2010 was premature.
The Daily Fix: Thursday
Your essential evening round-up of the day’s biggest news, plus the bits and pieces you may have missed…
Baby boom: More babies born than in any year since 1891
The CSO has released new figures about births, deaths and marriages in Ireland – including how the average age of brides and grooms is now at a record high.
More boys than girls born in Q3 2011
From the highest birth rate in Ireland to the average age of first time mothers, here’s what you need to know from the latest stats on births, deaths and marriages in Ireland.
Healthier lifestyles should be encouraged as world's population ages - WHO
The number of people aged over 60 will outnumber those aged under five for the first time over the next few years.
Ireland by numbers: births, marriages and deaths
The Irish Mammy is getting older…
New law may make it compulsory to include father's name on birth cert
A review of Ireland’s civil registration acts may make it compulsory for both parents’ details to be included on birth certs.
Northern Ireland's death rate at its lowest ever
Northern Ireland’s Registrar General says combined high birth rates and low mortality has led to the lowest death rate ever.
Birth, death, marriage and jobs: A fascinating snapshot of Ireland
The tenth issue of the Statistical Yearbook of Ireland is out – and it provides a fascinating snapshot of Ireland today. Births, deaths, jobs, the environment – it’s all covered here.
When is Ireland's favourite time to get married, born and... em, die?
A quick look at Ireland’s vital stats from the last decade…
Ireland by numbers: The country's vital statistics
From births, to deaths, to unmarried parents – we look at the latest figures which make up the country.
Looking more like Alfie: Top baby names of 2010
Jack and Sophie top name list for last year’s newborns – but Tyler, Sebastian, Alfie and Daithi creep into top 100.
Irish women are older than ever giving birth
But the good news is that we’re having more babies than we were a decade ago.
Irish men predicted to live nearly a decade longer by 2041
Public health tables released today display a wealth of information about how Irish people live, die and procreate – and how that may change in the near future.
People born in affluent areas live longer - CSO
You’re likely to live longest if you’re a woman in a well-off area with a third-level qualification, new statistics suggest.