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Player Ratings: What's your favourite board game to play at Christmas?
Let us know.
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There's a new version of Monopoly that actually encourages cheating
This sounds far too stressful.
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7 excellent games to play with your mates down the pub
Portable craic!
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You can now get Stranger Things Monopoly (with Upside Down tokens) in Easons
Put it on your Santy list.
# fight on the tiles
One of Britain's top Scrabble players gets three-year ban for cheating
Allan Simmons was accused of putting his hand back in the bag after already drawing tiles.
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Monopoly has set up a helpline to mediate board game-related fights this Christmas
What a relief.
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QUIZ: How Competitive Are You?
Ready, set… Let’s find out.
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Galway has its own Monopoly board - and here are the most expensive places...
Either way, bagsy we’re the dog. You can be the top hat.
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The Irish website that looks like it hasn't changed in forever is finally getting a makeover
We asked the head of how the site was holding up in the social media era.
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8 Dublin pubs where you can play a game with your pint
Game on.
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5 arguments every family has while playing board games
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A café dedicated to board games could be opening in Dublin soon
Jenga, anyone?
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This intriguing 'board game café' is set to open in Dublin this year
Are board games cool again?
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This woman just pulled off the ultimate Jenga move
Seriously impressive.
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Here are Monopoly's new rules, as chosen by the public
These will put an end to at least one Monopoly-based argument, anyway.
# the shoe
Monopoly is going to let people choose their own rules
You’ll still argue about them though.
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Is opening presents on Christmas Eve a scandalous notion?
Irish family Christmasses have changed quite a bit over the years.
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13 board games that were guaranteed to start a row
It’ll all end in tears, mark my words.
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Internet votes for cats in poll on new Monopoly token
In a surprise move, the people of the internet decided they like cats. A lot.
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Which Monopoly token will get your 'Get Out of Jail Free' card?
Something is about to disappear forever…
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Irish board games we've known and loved
Do you remember Sean Kelly’s cycling board game? Escape from Atlantis? Blackboard Jungle? They’re all here.
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The 12 burning questions* of Xmas: Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly?
This and every festive day until New Year’s Eve, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
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Crumlin, Kimmage given boot from Monopoly board as shopping centres make the grade
The iconic board game has been updated with an electronic ‘debit card’ reader and a range of new properties – and price tags.
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Bored of board games? Try your hand at these…
Monopoly is clearly too close the bone for most of us to play this Christmas. Never fear, Vanilla Ice is here – and he wants you to score ‘rap’ points, dude.