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So, Bono does a fairly good impression of Bill Clinton

The lads, having the craic.
Sep 25th 2013, 8:53 AM 8,879 74

LOOK, BILL CLINTON, if you’re going to be late, then you have to accept that someone might take the mickey out of you.

That’s exactly what Bono did when Bill was a running late for a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative.

Maybe Bill was off taking more selfies with Bill Gates?


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When Clinton finally took to the stage he was a good sport about it all, saying:

I must be really easy to make fun of.

Bono’s comedy turn wasn’t quite the spur of the moment LOLfest he’d like us to think it was though.

He’s been practicing…

Source: Charlie Spiering

You’re a gas ticket, Bono.

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