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# booze
'Drunken Irish' no more: Alcohol consumption falls 20% in 12 years
The amount of beer drank in the last year increased but the consumption of cider, spirits and wine all fell.
# hidden naggin
6 gadgets people have invented just to smuggle booze
Stuffing a naggin in your sock is for amateurs.
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Wines getting boozier - and leaving us with worse hangovers
But it’s our own fault, say wine economists – consumers want fruitier wines which involve higher sugar/alcohol levels.
Column: What is it about Good Friday? Can we not enjoy one night without alcohol?
Today is one of two days of the year when alcohol cannot be sold or purchased. In an almost post-apocalyptic scene, people rush to stock up the day before so that they aren’t left short and so they can get through their Friday night, but what’s that say about us as a society, asks Kathryn Reilly.
Column: Women can't keep up with men when it comes to alcohol and they shouldn't try
Women should be aware that they are more at risk from the effects of alcohol than men, writes Anne Timony Meehan.
Column: 7 things to know about teenage drinking (and how to deal with it)
Are your teens heading to a New Year’s Eve party? Sheila O’Malley has some tips on how to navigate the issue of teenage drinking.
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6 of the worst sounding alcoholic drinks of all time
From ‘Panty Peeler’ to ‘Santa’s Butt’, here are some of the worst beer and wine names out there.
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Alcohol awareness week set for Ireland next year
The UK has a week dedicated to highlighting issues and service surrounding alcohol use and abuse – now a non-profit group here wants their campaign to go nationwide.
Column: Yes, booze causes problems – but why tar us all with the same brush?
Proposals to hike the minimum price of alcohol are penalising moderate drinkers for the sins of those who have bigger problems, writes Aaron McKenna.
Column: Discussing teen drinking... over a bottle of vino
“Alcohol, to a child, must seem like some sort of guaranteed treat for grown-ups. It’s advertised as being fuel for wit, a stylish accessory, or a national heritage.”
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VIDEO: A 1970s guide to selling Guinness to the British
Vintage TV ads show the stout wasn’t just aimed at an ex-pat audience in the UK…
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Poll: Is it irresponsible to let under-18s drink at home?
Junior Minister Roisin Shortall thinks parents who do so might mean well – but could be doing harm. What do you think?
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US blogger is told: 'The only women Irish men buy drinks for are prostitutes'
American blogger Mollie reckons the Irish fellas are not all that when it comes to getting them in, she was even told the reason why. But is she right?
# Underage Drinking
Release Junior Cert results on a Friday “to combat booze binges”
Fianna Fáil senator Averil Power thinks students can get their hands on alcohol more easily on a midweek night.
# Your Say
Poll: Should the Government set a minimum price for alcohol?
Doubling the cost of the cheapest drinks would help combat anti-social behaviour, according to Dublin’s Lord Mayor. Do you agree?
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Alcohol linked to cancer, new study shows
Study shows that 10 per cent of cancers in men and 3 per cent of cancers in women are caused by drinking alcohol, particularly when people drink above the current recommended limits.
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Christina Aguilera arrested for public drunkeness
Singer’s boyfriend is still in jail on suspicion of drink driving.