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# Challenge
Vera Pauw's Ireland will use upcoming match with U15 boys team to 'try out a few things'
They face a crucial World Cup qualifier with Sweden later this month.
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# Vaccination
Simon Harris to meet social media companies in a bid to make them do more to debunk vaccine myths
Harris is considering advice from the Attorney General on mandatory vaccination.
# Cancer
Boys to get HPV vaccine in 2019
The Taoiseach said plans are already getting underway to rolling out the vaccine to boys.
# Trapped
Over 100 'chimneys' drilled into mountain in bid to reach trapped boys
The boys and their coach have been trapped for nearly two weeks.
# History Boys
'They have old heads on their shoulders': No fear of Ireland's new breed being overawed in Twickenham
Ireland’s record in London since 2010 could even make a lack of experience an advantage.
# gender roles
'The right to do any job they like': New book sets out a declaration for the rights of boys and girls
Irish publisher Siobhan Parkinson of Little Island tells us why they decided to publish the book.
# Aberdeen
Police in Scotland investigate after two 12-year-olds left with 'significant injuries' in chemical attack
Police said that the two boys had a substance on them which caused “burn type injuries”.
# Boys
Irish teenage boys are 42% fitter than girls
The study measured aerobic fitness by testing students with a beep test – the results of which they then entered into a competition.
# School for Deaf Boys
Abuse at a deaf school: 'I screamed at night, but no one could hear me'
A documentary revealing the experiences of boys at St Joseph’s school – both positive and negative – is to be aired tonight.
# The Great Escape
Two boys used spades to 'tunnel their way out of playschool'
Rather than lie low, they then they tried to buy a car.
# jozef wesolowski
Former Archbishop dies before trial for abusing boys
The former archbishop died overnight, the Vatican has announced today.
# papel matter
"Sudden illness" of former Vatican official before trial for sexual abuse
Jozef Wesolowski was admitted yesterday after coming down with a “sudden illness”.
# examination blues
Pretty much everything can stress you out when you're doing the Leaving Cert
New research from the ERSI has found that students are under a lot of pressure during their examinations.
# Indecent Assault
Man (49) sentenced to 8 years in prison over sexual activity with a child
Police said that the sentence “sends out a strong message” to those involved in the abuse of children.
# trolling
This woman deals with rape-threatening trolls online by literally telling their mums
Her tweet is going viral around the world today.
# charleville
Gardaí confirm no other person being sought over deaths of three brothers
Post-mortems have been completed on the bodies of twin boys and their brother.
Opinion: My son is a little boy who happens to like pink... isn’t that allowed?
“It’s not fair Mama, why do only girls get sparkly things?”
# Baby Names
Jack and Emily remain top dogs but celebrity babies make their mark
Dia dhuit is mise…
# oh brother
This is why you should never trust your kids to bring you breakfast in bed
Kids can’t carry anything successfully. Fact.
Opinion: Our increasingly touch-phobic society is bad for children
Boys can sometimes have problems expressing their feelings – we must empower them so they grow into the kind of men our society really needs.
# Cork
"State of shock": Parents protest over amalgamation of North Mon school
Former pupils of the school include Niall Tóibin, Rory Gallagher and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
# Rape
Young people believe alcohol facilitates the majority of 'sexual hook ups'
New research into youth sexual behaviour, consent and alcohol finds that Irish young people believe sexual consent is largely ‘unspoken’.
VIDEO: Christmas Day crowds queue up to leap into the icy waters at the 40 Foot
Patrick Maye, Chris Maye and Justin Kinehan made this video of yesterday’s chilling experience.
Column: We can be the healthy masculinity we wish to see
The “rules” and maschismo that so many boys learn early in life has created a stifling idea of what it means to be a man. But we don’t need to be bound by these narrow ideas, writes Carlos Andrés Gómez.
# lads lads lads!
14 things you'll remember if you went to an all-boys school
Wedgies. Farts. Fights. It’s all there.
# Allegations
Vatican envoy sacked over child sex probe
The Monsignor is accused of having sex with underage boys in Santo Domingo.
# gender battles
Let’s bring an end to ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ toys, say parents
A group of parents want to see an end to the gender-specific advertisement of toys for boys and girls.
# say my name
How have the Kardashians influenced Ireland's top baby names?
The CSO has just released the latest information on Ireland’s top baby names… is yours in there?
# Growing up in Ireland
Boys ditch homework and mitch school (but still better at maths than girls)
An ESRI conference heard boys are more likely than girls to be absent from school and less likely to do homework.
Column: 11 ways to handle your child's first teen disco
Are the scare stories about teenage discos really true? Sheila O’Malley has some advice on how to navigate this rite of passage.
# co meath
'Suspicious approach' reportedly made towards young boys in Kells
Gardaí believe the alleged approach was an isolated incident but are urging parents and children to be vigilant.
# Body Image
Body image 'a burning and complex issue' for young people
A new report says body image has a major influence on a teenager’s mental health.