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14 signs you were a 90s Boyzone obsessive


British Summertime Festival - London Source: Ian West/PA Wire

EARLIER THIS WEEK, it was revealed that Boyzone will embark on a reunion tour next year, in honour of their 25th anniversary.

Naturally, as former Boyzone obsessives, we are ecstatic. If you were one too, you’ll know.

1. It all began when you watched this happening, live on Irish telly

Source: 1983G/YouTube

Now of course, you can recognise it as a sh*tshow. Back then it was unimpeachable.

2. Then you immediately selected one member to love forever

b08fabfc86253658a418e75d92f7a564 Source: Pinterest

Was Stephen the ‘sex god of them all’ for you? Or were you more into bad boy Shane with his piercings and shaved eyebrow?

3. And if your friend picked the same one? Well there was war

National Lottery - Boyzone - 1997 There they are now, promoting the Lotto. Source: PA Photos

How could you marry Keith if Sarah also wanted to marry Keith? This would not stand.

4. You were pretty sure Stephen had the voice of an angel


Just beautiful. We still miss you, Steo :(

5. All their covers are just Boyzone songs to you

Source: BoyzoneVEVO/YouTube

The lads did a lot of covers, in fairness. Apologies to the Osmonds, the Bee Gees, Cat Stevens, and Tracy Chapman for denying their contributions here.

6. You loved B*Witched and Buffalo G just for their association with Boyzone

buffalo g Source: Wikipedia

They were Shane’s sisters! You had to show some support.

7. And would have worn anything with this logo on it

stephen Source: Picssr

Even this cap. And look at the state of it.

picssr Source: Picssr

8. You were even willing to sit through the Mr Bean film just to hear this song

Source: BoyzoneVEVO/YouTube

It’s a fecking tune still, you must admit.

9. If you weren’t at the RDS gig in 1999, you wished you were

SMASH HITS Boyzone Source: PA Archive/PA Images

Their support act was a bunch of young upstarts called Westlife, who were promptly never heard of again.

10. And you were fecking DEVO when that turned out to be their last one

SHOWBIZ Boyzone/Williams/Andre Source: PA Archive/PA Images

You might have had a wee cry over it. We won’t judge.

11. You followed their solo careers with some interest

When-You-Say-Nothing-At-All-Single-cover Source: Music-bazaar

When You Say Nothing At All and Keith on Coronation Street being the high points, of course.

12. And dutifully turned up at the RDS for the reunion tour in 2008

90138839_90138839 Source: RollingNews.ie

The Motown covers album in 2014 was questionable, but you were glad they were still muddling along.

13. But you won’t stand for any pale imitations

Boyzlife photocall - London Source: Ian West/PA Wire

Cough cough.

14. And you’re just slightly excited to hear they’re getting back together again

BOYZONE IRISH POP BOYBANDS Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Just keeping it very restrained, because you’re an adult now, and no longer a screaming teenager. *clutches Boyzone scarf*

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