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11 mortifying times brands tweeted about St. Patrick's Day

Shhh, don’t say anything.
Mar 17th 2015, 5:21 PM 12,965 3

1. This grim greeting from IRN-BRU


2. “Keep chasing that rainbow, bro!”

3. *gets sick in mouth*

4. Ah yes, taco fries. Cornerstone of Irish cuisine.

Hashtag taco fries.

5. ”How do we incorporate a message about low fares into a St. Patrick’s Day tweet?” 


6. This weak attempt from Schuh to liken footwear to Guinness

Ah lads.

7. This tweet from the official Twilight account that suggests absolutely no knowledge of what St. Patrick’s Day is


8. This tweet from McDonald’s, which just screams “COULDN’T BE BOTHERED”

9. Even The White House employed this lame “O’Bama” gag :(

In other news, your Da is in charge of social media for The White House.

10. This legitimately insane tweet about “3D snacks” from Doritos

(Aren’t all snacks 3D, though?)

11. And this inspired effort from Pringles

Wow, really makes you think.

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