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# what to make when
What to make when... you're bored of the same old weekday breakfast
New, low-prep ideas for a memorable first meal of the day.
# Weight Loss
Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day after all
New research has shown that skipping breakfast might not have an adverse effect on a person’s weight.
# kitchen secrets
Kitchen Secrets: Readers share what they make for breakfast
From omelette to a complete breakfast in a jar.
# come fry with me
'Everyone in the cafe joins in the conversation': The stories behind Ireland's legendary greasy spoons
Inside the family-run restaurants that have served generations of loyal customers.
# Veep
'A very nice gesture': Mike Pence tells Leo Varadkar that his partner Matt would be welcome in his home
It is tradition during the St Patrick’s Day trip to Washington DC for the Taoiseach to have breakfast with the VP.
# good start to the day
People who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight and develop heart disease
So says new academic research in the US.
# breakfast time
Questions raised over how schools are chosen for government meals scheme
A Sinn Féin TD says that although the announcement is welcome, the DEIS scheme is a blunt tool to identify disadvantage.
# mcmuffin
9 pictures that capture the glory of a McDonald's breakfast
The one thing that makes early starts OK.
# kinderleavings
Parents are sharing the grim, grim breakfasts they eat every day, inspired by this comedian
“I had some yogurt I licked off my fingers after cleaning my son up.”
# breakfast in bed
This Tallaght takeaway's breakfast-in-bed might just be the ultimate hangover cure
Gimme dat.
# rollóg bhricfeasta
11 photos that explain the glory of the breakfast roll to the rest of the world
You’re missing out.
# preparation
What the best bike racer on the planet eats for breakfast at the Tour de France
Chris Froome doesn’t look to have any serious rivals with two weeks of racing done
# too many tasty sausages
8 emotions that people who *love* hotel breakfasts will recognise
You might love hotel breakfasts more than you love people. And that’s understandable.
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QUIZ: Are You A Morning Person?
Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful – AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH
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Show us what a 'real morning' looks like for you for a chance to win €500
A picture is worth a thousand words, so show us your #RealMorning.
# Breakfast
A new café just opened off Camden Street and it's a breakfast-lovers dream
Your porridge looks pretty bad now.
# toast the most
Here are the top 10 things Irish people are eating for breakfast this morning
A new study charts Ireland’s early morning eating habits.
# makin bacon
Ireland's breakfast habits: We love rashers on weekends but toast tops the pile
New Bord Bia research looks at the nation’s morning eating habits.
# sponsored by mcdonalds
6 of the most heart-warming stories from our commenters' lives
Plus we announce Aileen Parnell as the winner of our €200 cash prize.
# getting cereal
8 signs you're outright obsessed with cereal
You cannot be…
# deggicated
Dublin just got a new pop-up restaurant dedicated to eggs
Omelettes and frittatas are the order of the day.
# superfood
14 delish pictures of black pudding that prove it’s the best part of a full Irish
Even better than white.
# Full Irish
12 mouthwatering Irish breakfast photos that are basically porn
Gird your loins.
# Big Feed
Here's what breakfast is like around the world
Some look amazing.
# Tasty
The humble Irish breakfast roll has made its way into the Washington Post
Two eggs, two rasher, two sausage, two bacon, two puddins’ (one black and white ).
# doing it wrong
It turns out that loads of people use warm milk on their cereal
What fresh hell is this?
# fries with that
McDonald's will be serving breakfast all day, but not in Ireland
Good news for Egg McMuffin lovers.
# sponsored
6 quick and filling breakfasts to make on school (or work) days
You don’t need hours to make a nutritious breakfast.
# sponsored
Poll: Do you eat breakfast every day?
Meal of champions, you say?
# wilted spinach and fries please
McDonald's has brought out a new fancy gourmet breakfast
Would you eat it?
# Tuckatoos
There's a new sausage and rasher flavoured crisp in Ireland - here's the verdict
Tuckatoos are here and they also make a chicken and chips flavour – which were also sampled ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# the full irish
This picture of a fry caused a massive debate about beans in full Irish breakfasts
Dividing the whole internet, it would appear.
# power breakfast
As you tuck into breakfast, here's what the rich and famous eat every morning
It’s not ALL healthy goodness, but most of it is.
# eggs in the morning
Kids gave their dads their Father's Day brekkie in the shower, and it was hilarious
Just what you need to start your day!
# emoatsies
These emoji breakfasts have taken 'playing with your food' to a whole new level
[Nailpolish emoji]
# breakfast equality
A Cork pub is giving No voters one less sausage in their breakfasts