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Here's why the Breaking Bad finale will leave a massive hole in our lives

Don’t leave us.

"Ohhh ohhh, all about chemistry..."
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THE END IS nigh.

The last ever episode of Breaking Bad airs in the US tonight, and by tomorrow most of you will know its fate.

We’ve pooled together some of the things we’ll miss most about Walt, Jesse and the gang.

WARNING! Some minor spoilers follow.

If you scroll pass the puppy buffer then you are entering a mildly dangerous zone.

You have been warned.

Okay, so here are all the things we’re going to miss about Breaking Bad. Hold us…

Being part of a massive cultural movement

Anyone who isn’t in the gang deserves your derision and pity.

The roars of “NO SPOILERS”

Admit it. You love being the one in the office swaggering around because you stayed up until 6am on Monday morning to watch the latest episode.

You love teasing people with your knowledge of the latest happenings.

You do, don’t you?


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The Easter eggs

You’ve heard about the “Walt takes on the traits of people he kills” theory, right?

Take Gus for example…

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Then there’s Walt’s trousers from the pilot episode, which make a reappearance in season five:

Jesse saying “bitch” all the time

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The suspense



Walt Jr always eating breakfast

Always with the breakfast with this kid.

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Bryan Cranston’s incredible performance

Source: Dan Lysiak

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Aaron Paul’s carry on

From asking people to ring him, to live-tweeting the episodes, to giving away his stuff, to hanging out with Irish tourists.

We’re actually worried about what Aaron will miss about Breaking Bad too. It really is his life.

Source: @aaronpaul_8

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The theories about how it will end

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