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A woman who claimed her baby was taken from her as she breastfed has been charged by police
28-year-old Caroline Starmer has been charged with perverting the course of justice.
Penneys robustly denies claims security guard took baby from breastfeeding mother
The company says it has reviewed CCTV footage from the store and spoken to the guard who denies the allegations.
Penneys 'urgently investigating' claims security guard took baby from breastfeeding mother
The security guard, according to the woman, forcibly removed the baby from her breast.
Australian woman banned from breastfeeding - because she has tattoos
She is locked in a custody dispute with the baby’s father.
The longer kids are breastfed for, the more they earn when they start working
A major new study of almost 3,500 children has found some interesting results about breastfeeding.
The pressure to breastfeed can be overwhelming and failure can be crippling
Many women are simply unable to breastfeed – and they shouldn’t be made to feel like failures for it.
This mother still breastfeeds her six-year-old daughter, and the internet is going crazy
Yes, you read that right – six.
Claridge's Hotel 'didn't mean to upset' breastfeeding woman who was told to cover up
The hotel has come under fire after a mother of three complained about being asked to shroud her feeding baby with a large napkin.
Opinion: What happens when a pregnant woman or nursing mother gets sent to jail?
The question of women who are pregnant or parenting in prison is a complex one – and their number is rising.
Weird Wide Web: Turing tests, app imitation and critical robots
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
Breastfeeding pics won't be removed by Facebook anymore
The site says that breastfeeding is “natural and beautiful”.
Research has figured out why breastfed babies are so smart
And it’s not really the breastfeeding at all.
Woman posts photograph of her breastfeeding a puppy 'to save its life'
The animal was refusing to eat, and she says her ‘maternal instinct’ kicked in.
Ireland has highest birth rate of all 27 EU nations
New figures from the ESRI also show there were 1,217 sets of twins born last year, and 33 sets of triplets.
Breastfeeding and eating fish could make your children smarter
A study revealed that nursing is associated with three-year-olds having better language skills and seven-year-olds being more intelligent.
Human breast milk now a 'luxury drink' for wealthy in China
Rich clients can drink directly from the breast, or from a pump “if they feel embarrassed”.
Poll: Will removing baby images from formula encourage breastfeeding?
The images of smiling babies could discourage breastfeeding, according to some parents’ groups and politicians.
Baby pics to be banned from infant food packaging
New EU laws are to help encourage breastfeeding and were welcomed by one Irish MEP.
More breastfeeding needed to tackle obesity in children and adults
Scientific report says Ireland has lowest breast feeding rates in Europe.
Breastfeeding baby doll: creepy or groundbreaking?
Some say Breast Milk Baby is forcing children to be too grown-up – but others argue opposition to it is due to the taboo surrounding breastfeeding.
Column: Breast feeding? Nobody tells you about the bleeding nipples
Breast might be best – but it’s not for everyone, so spare us the guilt trip, writes Siobhan Corcoran.
National Breastfeeding Week: Irish breastfeeding rates below European neighbours'
The HSE says this year’s event will focus on the importance of breastfeeding for the health of children and mothers, and highlight how rates of breastfeeding in Ireland fall way below those of other European countries.
Mother sues after breastfeeding footage used in porn film
Maryann Sahoury is suing a production company after breastfeeding instructional video was used by a third party to make porn.
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Here's what the world thought of that Time breastfeeding cover...
Magazine’s photo of mother breastfeeding three-year-old son criticised as “exploitative”. What did you think of it?
Breastfeeding could cut chances of childhood obesity by 50 per cent
New research shows that babies who are breastfed for six months or more have their chances of obesity by nine years cut by more than half.
Teachers sought increase in breastfeeding time allowance
INTO conference motion from Enniscorthy district sought to double teachers’ breastfeeding time entitlements.
Poll: Should women breastfeed in public?
If a woman chooses to breastfeed her child, should she do so in public? Let us know what you think.
Column: Breastfeeding in public is natural, and we need to see it that way
Feeding our babies is the most normal thing in the world, writes Chris Finn – so our attitudes have to change.
Breastfeeding protest held outside Facebook HQ
Around 40 people took part in the protest against Facebook’s removal of photographs of women breastfeeding their children.
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Breastfeeding campaigners to protest at Facebook HQ in Dublin
Demonstrations will take place at Facebook offices in several cities across the world next week by protesters who are angry about Facebook deleting images of breastfeeding.
Baby mix-up at Australian hospital
The switch was only discovered after more than eight hours….but how often is this kind of mistake made?
Michelle Obama calls for removal of breastfeeding barriers at work
The lack of appropriate places for nursing women to express milk at work leads to fewer continuing with breastfeeding – which is linked to higher rates of obesity, says Obama.