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# nip/tuck
Court finds in favour of Dublin clinic that was denied blessing for 'breast surgery masterclass'
The one-day event would have featured live surgery demonstrations.
# women's equality day
Women set to parade topless through New York
The event has been organised by women’s right group GoTopless.
# face is up here
10 facts about boobs everyone should know
The gals.
News station blurs out breasts on Picasso painting
The painting, Women of Algiers, sold for $160 million this week.
# Femen
The topless woman who tried to steal Baby Jesus out of the Vatican’s crib has been released
Ukrainian Iana Azhdanova was arrested and taken into custody on Thursday after she snatched the figurine.
# das experiment
German radio DJs get 'boobs' so they can live like women for a day
The lads were injected with saline solution, which gave them ‘breasts’ for 24 hours.
# jump around
There is a bouncy castle full of boobs in a New York museum
Quite literally. NSFW, perhaps.
# world of celebs
Bruce Willis' daughter Scout walks around New York in the nip... It's The Dredge
Filth. So much celebrity filth.
# Breast Cancer
The Sun's breast check campaign could actually harm women, warns doctor
The Sun’s campaign has divided critics in the UK with its photographs of topless women examining their breasts.
# chicken fillets
17 things girls with small boobs will understand
Damn strapless tops!
# boobsdressgate
Woman who covered Rihanna's boobs comes forward
The Dublin woman thinks it “cheapens sexuality to throw it up on a billboard”.
# in the nip
Dublin is now famous worldwide for covering Rihanna's boobs
Someone has taken it upon themselves to cover the singer’s naked billboards.
# busting out
Girl barred from school prom... as her 'breasts were too big'
“You can’t compare a golf ball to a grapefruit,” her mother said.
# Breast Cancer
Brad Pitt: Angelina is 'absolutely heroic' for undergoing double mastectomy
“All I want is for her to have a long and healthy life with myself and our children. This is a happy day for our family.”
# Ooh la la
Playstation ad compares new console to woman with four breasts
The ad for the Playstation Vita appears in a French magazine, and has been faced with accusations of sexism.
# adwatch
9 ideas for non-boob-related Club Orange ads
What will Club Orange do if the breasts get banned? We’ve looked at other potential directions.
# laid bare
‘My mam was mortified but she is seeing the funny side of it now’ – Eamon Keegan
The Irish fan, who has gained fame in the past few days, talks about the picture the whole country has seen.
# Viral
Uh oh, the Eamon Keegan photo has been discovered - by one of the Croatian ladies' employers
Jelena Miksa could be in hot water after bare-chested snaps of her with an Irish fan spread across the internet yesterday.
# Cancer
Wearing a tight bra? Public greatly misinformed about cancer risks
A significant portion of the Irish population believe wearing a tight bra, a blow to the breasts and mobile phone usage are cancer risks.
# Breast Implants
Chief Medical Officer urged to seek replacement of PIP implants
Solicitors working on behalf of some women affected by the defective PIP breast implants have called for the implants to be replaced, and not just removed.
# Breast Implants
Chief Medical Officer to update Health Committee on PIP implants response
Dr Tony Holohan will address an Oireachtas Committee today on the government’s response to the issue of industrial grade silicone being used in some breast augmentation surgeries in Ireland.
# Breast Implants
Defective breast implants could have been used in Irish clinics before 2001
More patients could be affected on the back of this new information, said the Irish Medicines Board.
# implants
UK: No evidence for routine removal of breast implants
There are fears over the safety of implants made by French company PIP. The British government says there’s no evidence to say implants should be removed – but will pay for removal for anyone who wants it.
# implants
Implant scandal company PIP 'also produced silicone testicles'
Former workers of the company at the centre of a breast implant scandal claim that it also produced implants for men.