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Can you make it through this post without cracking up?

We bet you can’t.
Jan 16th 2014, 11:09 AM 53,112 28

WE BET WE can brighten up your day.

Can you make it through this post without, at the very least, cracking a smile?

If you’re in doubt, just wait until you get to the end… We guarantee you’ll have at least one thing to smile about today.

12. Meet the girl who doesn’t take any messing

Source: Caleb Harris

11. This dog in the cone of shame – and his smug friend

Source: DailyPicksAndFlicks

10. Imagine breaking out this in your next meeting

Source: The Poke

9. You’d better heed this warning


8. An unexpected truth

Source: RefinedGuye

7. Google Streeview reveals…

Source: The Meta Picture

6. A penguin in a perpetual state of scoot

Source: Imgur

5. This news graphic person caught on the hop

Source: Failblog

4. These babies eating lemons for the first time

Source: funnyplox

3. Such a flirty pug

Source: Megalawls

2. Revealed: how to properly describe a baby goat

Source: Pinterest

1. This complimentary coffee

You go, girl.

Source: Imgur

How far did you get? Not smiling yet? Well get this…

Note: 1c coffee offer available 20th of January only. T&Cs apply, please see for further details.

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